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Trump Calls Pelosi's Bluff


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Trump Calls Pelosi's Bluff

President Trump has reportedly called Speaker Nancy Pelosi's bluff and will give the State of the Union address in front of Congress.

According to Town Hall:

Last week House Speaker Nancy Pelosi suggested President Donald Trump shouldn't give the annual State of the Union Address on Tuesday, January 29. After inviting him to do so, Pelosi falsely stated the Secret Service couldn't adequately provide the necessary security due to the government shutdown. 

Today, I wrote to @realDonaldTrump recommending that we delay the State of the Union until after government re-opens, as the @SecretService, the lead federal agency for security, faces its 26th day without funding. 

Secret Service is fully ready to offer full protection during the , a sr. law enforcement official tells @petewilliamsnbc.

"It's a no-fail mission," the official says.

Though USSS personnel are not being paid, the intelligence & protection functions are fully staffed. (1/2)

"We've been planning for this for months, as we always do. It didn't start up 29 days ago," the official said. (2/2)

But according to the White House, President Trump will not be delaying his remarks and plans to give the address next week in front of Congress. Pelsoi hasn't officially rescinded his invitation.


Colleague John Roberts rpts Trump intends to forge ahead with State of the Union next week. WH wants to schedule walkthrough, which was canceled last week




Nancy, I am still thinking about the State of the Union speech, there are so many options - including doing it as per your written offer (made during the Shutdown, security is no problem), and my written acceptance. While a contract is a contract, I’ll get back to you soon!

According to Fox News, the White House sent the Sergeant-at-Arms has been delivered a letter from the White House asking to schedule a walk-through for next week’s anticipated State Of the Union address.

Pelosi has refused to compromise on immigration in order to reopen the government. She has not made any indications that this will change anytime soon.