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Charles Miller

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by Charles Miller


November 26th 2018




Dear President Trump, my President,


I approach you as trustee holding my property, my political will, the exercise of my right to choose the political forum which I inhabit.


Thus, this presentment is a Beneficiaries Letter of Wishes to the trustee sitting as CEO, Chief Magistrate, and Commander in Chief over the executive branch of the United States as whole, operating as a government.


I Wish my President to act in capacity of Chief Magistrate, exercising the authority of the Chief Executive Officer of the United States, make a Finding of Fact Conclusion of Law, Declaring that; every Federal Judge that has ruled in direct conflict with good standing federal statutes baring execution of immigration laws, has abandoned their their office on cause of dereliction of duty and breach of obligation to execute the law as written.


This public declaration issued as Official Finding Of Fact is irrefutable under open public record admitting the facts.


It is also irrefutable that the Office of President has the absolute duty to make this Finding and make it public, a National Security Issue.


Inviting the tortfeasing judges to either correct their errors of law or to resign allows them due process in the Court of Public Opinion.


Failure by the negligent judges to simply follow the law set out by the courts creator, Congress, requires referral by the President to Congress for IMPEACHMENT, and most likely exposing criminal referral as well.


These acts in execution of duty of the President expose DIVIDED LOYALTY operators within the Peoples governments.


When the People are not protected first there is no legitimate government, merely the exercise of force disguised as government, or INVOLUNTARY SERVITUDE, exposing DIVIDED LOYALTY!



Charles Miller

Dear Mr.        President November 26th 2018



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