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David Horowitz to Newsmax TV: Blaming Trump Is 'Sedition'


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Amid the blaming of President Donald Trump for the recent spate of political violence, Jewish syndrome as traitors to our country, he told Newsmax TV.

"People who are not subject to Trump derangement – which seems to be most of the Democratic Party these days, those people are – but everybody else can see how absurd these attacks are," Horowitz told Monday's "The Brett Winterble Show." "They try to blame Trump for everything."

We live in a world of many enemies and "President Trump is our leader," not an enemy, Horowitz told Winterble.

"Our Democracy only works when there is a collective agreement: When you lose an election, you fight to win the next one, you don't conduct a resistance to the sitting president, because that's sabotaging the country," Horowitz added.

". . . You can be critical of Trump all you want, but to call him [Nazi Germany dictator Adolph] Hitler all the time and try to delegitimize him . . . it is sedition. It's treason, actually.

"Trump is a patriot."