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Dear Mr. Donald John Trump, President of The United States of America

Charley Miller

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Dear Mr. Donald John Trump, President of The United States of America,

I write to my President from the standing of Beneficiary of all governmental powers of the Union States, presenting my Letter of Wishes to the Chief Trustee to the Public Trust.

Please be advised that the standard oath required of federal Judges is fatally defective and incomplete.

The oath does not properly or completely identify which jurisdiction, inferior tribunals created by Congress or the Original judicial power under Article 3, which is to be served. If both jurisdictions are contained in the appointment that issue must be clear so We the People know where their loyalties lay. More important, this clarity will show the People who is an honest public servant.

Given that Congress created a second Supreme Court by statute and that court is of limited and specific powers, means that confusion is created. The confusion is solved by specific language in the Presidential appointment. No Congressionally created federal court, except 5 of them, have ever been assigned Constitutional judicial power. Proof is in the United States Code.

Given that Congress was never granted power by the States to regulate the People of the Union States in any manner, no federal judge will ever, on or off record, declare which portion of the Constitution grants his jurisdiction over us, the People in the Union States.

This fact alone exposes the wacky statements coming out of the Supreme Court.

When one judge declares in his or her decision, the source of the authority to rule over the parties and subject matter, We all will know to whom and what the decision applies.

This Beneficiary wishes my President require any federal judge appointed to follow your lead and state in the acceptance of office statement, that the appointees first loyalty is to the People, as servant to the Peoples country -- the one 'We the People' created by contract Constitution -- that being the first and foremost obligation to honorable service.

Charley Miller

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        House Letter July 7th 2018-1