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Charles Miller

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by Charles Miller

June 3rd 2018

Once again we are entering the "simple zone", no brainer territory concerning subpoena powers of the executive branch.

All the confusion around subpoenas being issued to President Trump revolve around one question that clarifies completely all, on both sides, attorneys misleading arguments.

Remember, attorneys, in particular judges, only get paid when there is a controversy for them to operate under. No controversy = no case= no argument=no jurisdiction= no conclusion.

THE QUESTION: Where does all subpoena power come from for any executive branch function or operation?

ANSWER: The Chief Executive Office of the President, Donald Trump sitting as CEO and Chief Federal Magistrate in command and control of all executive functions.


Under what law, rule, regulation, custom, policy or practice, or even theory of same, is the President authorized to subpoena himself? Or, allow the fundamental powers of the Office of President to be used against the current President?

Mr. Mueller, could you please explain your actions so that we mere Citizens could understand your alleged world of higher knowledge and duty as an executive branch agent to ensure the laws are enforced as written?

What the question, answer and conundrum expose is explained by a few simple questions.

QUESTION 1:  Does the Office of President hold the power and duty to subpoena any or all records of all or any executive branch agencies when necessary for the orderly operation of honest government?

QUESTION 2:  If the Office of President subpoenas the records of the DOJ, FBI, NSA, DNI, STATE DEPARTMENT and other executive offices, are they required to comply and act as directed?

QUESTION 3:  In the event the DOJ, FBI, NSA, DNI, STATE DEPARTMENT, and other executive offices refuse or fail to comply with the Presidents subpoenas, do the people controlling the actions of the agencies create open notorious public record testifying to their own felonies?

QUESTION 4 THE BIG ONE:  Will Donald Trump as President and Chief Magistrate, admitted servant to the People and honest government, Subpoena records from DOJ, FBI, NSA, DNI, STATE DEPARTMENT and other executive offices, for Presidents review and provide the subpoenaed documents to Congress for review and hearings?

QUESTION 5 THE BIGGEST QUESTION:  Are subpoenas issued by the President in the highest and best interest of honest government operations and should Congress call for this move now?

Our question, the Peoples question is, how do we know who’s who in the zoo as honest public servants, with out the public records to expose who did what, when, and under what authority?

Please, let the dialogue frame the fundamental points before we continue to support attorneys controlling DOJ, FBI, NSA, DNI, STATE DEPARTMENT and other executive offices confusions as so massively supported by MSM!

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