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Syria threat by ‘manchild’ Trump is ‘most disturbing presidential statement ever made’ – Galloway

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Trump made a deal with the devil when he took the job -- for whatever reasons he did way back when -- and now the devil is collecting his due; "time to pay him back Trumpy Boy". You cannot kiss the devil on his lips -- which is how all serious soul surrendering deals are made -- and imagine for one moment, that you would be able to get away with reneging on the original deal when time comes to-pay.

Trump is playing his part as agreed upon, and would not dare deviate from it, because he knows only-to-well, that if he doesn't, he would meet the same fate that all other US presidents before him have, that chose not to obey the Kosher Nostra.

"Never imagine for one second Sports Fans, that Trump is allowed to act autonomously, without big concessions being thrown into the mix. Trump is now, always has been, and always will be, a lap-dog for International Jewry and Their Banking Interest, with all claims to the contrary being disingenuous-at-best."