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Published on Mar 6, 2018

Very soon we will be hearing directly from the President concerning quickly unfolding events. The time has come to Make America Great again. . . . **THIS IS A RED PILLING NARRATIVE.** MY NARRATIVE OF Q ANON POSTS found on 8chan. The purpose of Q is to prepare people for what they will witness - for what is coming. Treason, I think people can deal with, but when what comes out about what has been done to and with the c h i l d r e n America will come unglued. I have no insiders connection other than current events and the most revealing Q anon posts. All dates and times will be subject to the timetables of the Power's that be. This will obviously take time to unfold. Share - Share - Share - Share . . . Time is short. Use this to Red Pill friends, family, neighbors and co-workers. Our job is to keep them calm during these trying days. ALL NEGATIVE AND DEROGATORY COMMENTS WILL BE DELETED.