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Look What Congress Just Rammed Through Democrats Are Seething Mad

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Democrats in Congress have made it their goal to resist the President at every turn.

They have fought his attempts at preventing illegal immigration, ending Obamacare, and even combating terrorism. It’s clear they do not care about helping Americans or winning back voters—just preventing Trump from having success.

But thankfully the rest of Congress has rejected their petty childishness, as has the rest of America, and made sure one of Trump’s biggest promises will be made a reality.

From Fox News:

The House of Representatives on Thursday narrowly approved a $4 trillion budget that paves the way for Republicans on Capitol Hill to begin focusing on tax reform.

The vote was 216-212, with 20 Republicans, including conservatives unhappy about deficits and debt, opposing it. Republicans could lose only 22 votes for it to pass.

“Big news – Budget just passed!” President Trump tweeted Thursday morning…

The Senate passed the measure last week and the House endorsed it without changes.

“Tax reform will help reignite the American dream,” House Speaker Paul Ryan told reporters after the vote. “It will help bring us back to a place of confidence, freedom, happiness and a stronger, healthier economy. And this budget that the House just passed, 20 minutes ago, brings us closer to making that dream a reality.”


Even during Obama’s best days, he had trouble passing the budget. Getting Congress to agree on spending is like herding cats. Republicans were able to agree on a budget and get it passed, with little help from the left. It shows us there are more folks on board with Trump’s agenda than there are against it.

With the budget set, it will be simply a matter of time before Trump’s tax cuts are implemented. Knowing how much the government can spend was necessary, before tax cuts to most of America could be made. Now that this HUGE hurdle is out of the way, the President can make good on his promise.

But we haven’t heard the last from the embittered left. They will continue to undermine, smear, and attack republicans’ attempt at lower taxes and enriching everyday Americans.

At this point, though, I don’t think they’re much of a threat.