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Trump Just FIRED 800 Govít Workers And Put 200 More On Notice After Uncovering SICK Thing They ALL Did

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President Trump has demonstrated his deep appreciation and love for our military ever since taking office, a drastic change from the arrogant Commander-in-Chief our veterans became accustomed to underneath Obama. Now President Trump is doing something incredible for the men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice to defend our freedom, in an unprecedented move that just took place at the White House overnight that’s putting a smile on the faces of our veterans while making Obama look like an even bigger jerk.

We all witnessed the disgusting way Obama treated our military over the past 8 years where he reduced Marines to his personal servants to shield him from the rain, often times arrogantly refusing to even return a salute. Who can forget the images of Obama standing in front of the flag-draped coffins of our heroes back in 2012 as he lied his ass off about Benghazi, blaming the attack on a YouTube video? But perhaps Obama’s biggest stab at our military was promising our heroes to “fix the broken VA,” but going on to completely ignore that campaign promise, as hundreds of thousands of veterans would go on to be forgotten, dying while waiting to be treated at VA hospitals across the nation.



President Trump helps out Marine who lost his hat in the high winds



Thankfully, the days of our military heroes being forgotten and treated like crap are finally over. President Trump is not only fixing the VA that Obama failed to do, but is making Obama’s corrupt VA officials pay the ultimate price for their negligence. In a clean sweep that happened in the overnight hours, it’s being reported that 500 VA employees have just been terminated, and an additional 200 have been suspended for their shady conduct. The Gateway Pundit reported:

The Department of Veterans made public a list of employee terminations, demotions, and suspensions. It has expressed that this list week be updated weekly in an effort to add more transparency to the department following Congresses’ push to increase the scope of power by the VA secretary.

President Trump expressed his frustration with the VA back on the campaign trail, stating that the VA was “probably the most incompetently run agency in the United States.”

The bulk of firings were directed at lower level VA workers, such as house keepers and food service workers, after learning that initial oversight was not implemented. Many of these employees were discovered to be felons, sex offenders, or generally incompetent. This has lead to poor care, and at times death from neglect, for our veterans.