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House Intelligence Committee Confirmed There Are No Ties Between Trump And Russia


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The Democrats keep pushing their insane anti-Trump ideas regarding the situation with Russia  even though the House Intelligence Committee cleared President Trump of any connections with Russia.

But, even though the charade is coming to an end, the liberals won’t stop trying to make Trump bad  


What House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes stated recently will surely make the Democrats angry.

When he was asked whether they found any link between President Trump and Russia during the election, he was loud and clear:

“I’ll give you a very simple answer: ‘No,’ ” Nunes said.
“Up to speed on everything I have up to this morning. No evidence of collusion.”

And when he was asked if he believes that there are elements inside the intelligence community or FBI leaking information to undercut the Trump presidency, he responded:

“It’s pretty clear that that’s happening,” he said.
“There’s even been stories written about it in numerous newspapers talking about how they said they left breadcrumbs around to hurt the Trump administration.”

He continued his statement:

“I think it was largely people maybe who were there, had classified information, who are now no longer there and decided to leak it,” he said.

We hope that this will finally end the circus that the Democrats started.

We are all aware that the mainstream media will find a way to twist this, but people are waking up!