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Bobby Piton

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BobbyPiton, [01.02.21 04:18]

People asked me to explain why I set up a new Political Party called United Patriots of America... Here is an initial outline.  United Patriots of America (Goals: Core Values)

1)  Voter Integrity and National Identity Bill of Rights Constitutional Amendment

2)  Strict Constitutionalist approach to Government Functions (akin to Scalia)

3)  Constitutional Amendment Limiting Size of Government (All levels)  

4)  Constitutional Amendment - Balanced Budget

5)  Government Expands (Contracts) based on revenue coming in from population (all funding is cut on a pro rata basis). Not allowed to “outgrow” the population / economic growth.

6)  Any Shutdowns in the Economy for any reason met with Mandatory Cuts in all Salaries of All Government Workers (aside from Police, Fire, Military) to absorb the loss in tax revenue.

7)  Each person that runs agrees to sign a pledge to pursue Laws that call for term limits (they self-impose term limits on themselves until such law is passed) and pledges NOT to collect a Pension (Agrees to Pursue Legislation eliminating Pensions for Elected Government Officials)

8)  Can’t hold Elected office if your company has more than 20% of its revenue coming from any level of the Government.

9)  Standardization of all Key Topics that Impact our Nation so that every Candidate is evaluated with Same Baseline Frameworks

10)  Pursue Laws that require the NSA or appropriate Intelligence Agencies to issue Reports that Outline ANY and ALL Conflicts of interests and Personal Financials for all 7,000+ elected Public Officials.  Companies have to issue quarterly Financials to “Be Public”, Elected Politicians should have their “conflicts” made Public Quarterly in a Standardized manner by an Agency that “monitors it all” already.

11)  Pursue Laws that require the NSA or appropriate Intelligence Agencies to screen ALL Immigrants, Foreign Nationals (work visas) or any Visitors to the United States for possibly ties to corrupt regimes.  

12)  The Federal Government (on behalf of We the People) should OWN Every Port on US Soil in a Trust for the benefit of the American People (National Security Risks are too high to do otherwise)

13)  Social Issues (Neutral) Our Military has a Neutral Stance on Social Issues, this Party will pursue the same stance as our Military.  


The Party will Run Candidates that believe in these Core Principles (these are just the starting points).  I would rather have an Honest Democrat over a Corrupt Republican, but my preference is an Honest Republican over an Honest Democrat as I believe in Limited Government and Greater Individual Freedom and Personal Responsibility.  

That said, we are wasting far too much time on items that impact 1 in 100, 1 in 500, 1 in 1000 Americans and not enough time on items that impact 100% of US.  This Party will Not Run Candidates in Races in which “Two Honest People” are already running.  Instead it will focus on fielding Candidates that Believe in these Core Principles in the Races that have the Most Dishonest or “Owned” politicians.  Perhaps the Demand will be overwhelming for this approach?


BobbyPiton, [01.02.21 05:07]

I do NOT believe that 535 People in Congress is the "Best we can do".  Both Parties have been making backroom deals for decades, perhaps longer?  We have 3 branches of Government to serve as a "Check"  Executive, Legislative, Judicial.  This third Party, if it is effective, will serve as a wonderful "check" on the other two Parties.... Why?  An Example:  Say there are 100 People running for office and this Party identifies that 80 of them are "Honest" (more details on that process in the future) and decides 20 are iffy or of low character.  The Party runs 20 people for those 20 races (spends its time and energy from across that Nation across Party lines attracting talent to help)  Say, the UPA only wins 7 spots, so now its' 46 in one Party 47 in another and 7 on UPA.  Now instead of the R and D concocting 1000- 5000 page spending bills, these 7 UPA members will look at both proposals from these Parties with a focus on our Key Goals and work with the Plan or Vote for the Best Plan put forth without being "owed" something for compromising their values.  This Party might be the catalyst for more D's and R's to break ranks and do the Right Thing instead of blindly following the Puppet Masters that are pulling their strings. 

Hope this explanation helps.

Bobby Piton