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Racial Politics in Georgia and the Presidential Elections

Abayomi Azikiwe

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Governor Brian Kemp files suit against Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms over COVID-19 mitigation efforts

A contested gubernatorial election in 2018 involving Republican Secretary of State Brian Kemp and former Georgia State House Minority Leader Stacey Abrams highlighted problems related to voter suppression based upon the national oppression of the African American people.

Hundreds of thousands of people were disenfranchised in this historic poll which could have placed the first African American woman as governor of a state.

The Abrams campaign went for weeks without conceding defeat to Kemp. Nonetheless, even after the conscience of the people of the United States had been heightened, the governorship of Kemp was allowed to move forward.

In 2020, amid the worst public health crisis in the U.S. for more than a century, Kemp has filed suit against Atlanta’s African American Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms saying that she does not have the authority to require the wearing of masks in the city. This pandemic has spawned the precipitous decline in the economy domestically and internationally while the federal government in.....