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The BIG Issues Facing Dems as Major Battle With Trump Approaches


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  • 2020-03-04
  • Source: TTN
  • by: TTN Staff

    The Democrats are facing some major issues prior to the 2020 general election and Trump isn’t their biggest concern. While Trump is being taken into the calculation with every move they make they are still hitting walls that many believe they will fail to overcome. Here are the major issues facing the Democrats before their battle with Trump:

    1.) Biden Gaffes

    Joe Biden’s campaign has been a total disaster and if it were not for his astonishing win on Super Tuesday he would likely be out of the race. Biden’s most prominent shortcomings are his constant gaffes on the campaign trail. His own mouth has become his biggest liability in the general election.     



    2.) Bernie’s Agenda

    Bernie Sanders’ radical agenda is an enormous liability for Democrats moving forward. In the scenario where Bernie wins the nomination, many independent voters and moderate voters will be turned away by his racial agenda and past praise for communist leaders.    



    3.) Bernie-Biden Split

    The Bernie-Biden split on policy in rather large, while both are enemies of the 1 and 2nd amendment their exact stances on social policy are very different. While the difference is irrelevant to many GOP Voters it is important for those in the DNC and some independence. Trump has a path to victory for both of them but their policy differences open the door to the collapse of the DNC ticket in 2020.    


    4.) Fractured Democrat Party

    The Republican party has a massive tent with many different groups that have different beliefs but this collection is held together by core values that are agreed upon. The Democrat Party does not have a core set of values anymore, the party can not agree on something as simple as the number of genders or weather or no Fidel Castro was a good guy or bad guy. This division will be on full display as Bernie and Biden square off.    



    5.) Tech Issues

    The Democrat Primary has been host to numerous tech issues that have crippled the reputation of the party. The failures in the Iowa caucus and at the various debates proved the DNC does not have a grip on their own events. Considering little effort has been made by the party to remedy these things it is likely that these same issues will continue in the future.  



    6.) Florida

    Due to Bernie Sanders praising Fidel Castro many Cuban-Americans have lost favor with the Presidential Candidate. As a consequence of this many may vote Republican in 2020, this would devastate the DNC and make Florida a guaranteed win for Trump.    



    7.) Bernie Supporters

    Bernie’s biggest fans have been nothing but a liability for the DNC. Many Bernie supporters have been making threats of violence against his opposition and several were caught on tape making promises of violence if he loses. These remarks have been rejected by independent voters and moderate Democrats.