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House Gestapo closing in on Trump

Mat Staver

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The U.S. House is on a fast track to impeach President Trump without regard for the massive holes in their arguments. Yesterday, Republican leadership pointed out that the Judiciary Committee has no plans to talk to even one material witness.

Without skipping a beat, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi gave a press conference demanding articles of impeachment from both that committee and the Intelligence Committee this morning.

We have a small window of time to speak out against impeachment before Democrats lower an iron curtain on our constitutional freedoms and this chapter of our nation’s history.

I hope you will send an urgent fax to our hand-picked legislators to demand they uphold our constitution and justice. - Mat.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy called today's impeachment process the “weakest, thinnest, fastest” America has ever seen. Yet Democrats are still racing through a downward spiral of injustice.

In testimony a law professor from George Washington University said impeachment proceedings are not like “improvisation jazz” music. Being “close” to a crime isn’t good enough for impeachment.

In spite of that, radicals seem to be trying to move two accusations forward, that of “bribery” and “obstruction.”

Professor Jonathan Turley said, “Impeachments have to be based on proof, not presumption. That’s the problem.” The Supreme Court has already ruled on what is “bribery” and they unanimously rejected a “boundless” interpretation. President Trump’s actions do not even come close to the legal definition of bribery.

But radicals have every intention of turning their presumptions into President Trump’s impeachment. Our best chance to stop this is through an outpouring of faxes directly into these legislators’ offices. We need just 15 more votes to stop impeachment in the House. Click the button below to send your fax.

Historically, every single past impeachment has been based on actual crime. And each one has had bipartisan support. But today, radicals’ attacks against the President have neither.

The radical claims of “obstruction” from Rep. Adam Schiff are a bold power grab trying to establish the U.S. House as superior to both the Executive and Judicial branches combined. Rep. Schiff is trying to claim that he has a right to every document he wishes for and neither the president nor the courts can withhold it.

“If you make a ‘high crime and misdemeanor’ out of [President Trump] going to the courts, it is an abuse of power. It is your abuse of power,” Professor Jonathan Turley told U.S. House Democrats. “You are doing precisely what you are criticizing the President for doing.”

But this abuse of power is precisely what radicals want to use against President Trump. And they plan to get away with it unless enough Americans stand up for justice. You can help me work to stop them with an urgent fax.

LCA has ear to the ground on impeachment. On Capitol Hill, we have heard directly from the White House regarding it. Around our nation already, Democrats in conservative districts are trying to distance themselves from the impeachment process. Now is the time to push these legislators who are already feeling the pressure from their constituents. That’s why my team created these faxing options for you.

We are 100 percent dependent on the support of friends like you to bring out breaking news and organize campaigns to impact the future of our nation.

Would you pray about becoming a monthly donor of 25, 50, or 100 dollars? Even a one-time donation of anything amount you can send today helps us counter these radical lies against President Trump.


Mat Staver



P.S. We have a very short window to speak out about impeachment and the trumped up charges of "bribery" and "obstruction." I hope you will send an urgent fax demanding a no vote on impeachment and exoneration for President Trump. If you haven't already, sign our petition to have your name given to our President. If you are able to donate, your support allows us to continue fighting for truth and justice on Capitol Hill. Help Liberty Counsel Action spread the word and gather more signatures by sending this email to your friends.



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