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Ex-CIA analyst: Pelosi, Schiff colluded in complaint

WND Staff

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October 4, 2019

A former CIA analyst whose job included editing transcripts of presidential phone calls, believes House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff colluded in the production and promotion of the whistleblower complaint alleging President Trump engaged in a quid pro quo with Ukraine.

Fred Fleitz, who now is the president and CEO of the non-profit Center for Security Policy in Washington, D.C., said it was "pretty apparent that something was wrong when I saw this whistleblower complaint."

"It was just too perfect. The legal references is not the way an intelligence analyst would write," he told Lou Dobbs Thursday night on the Fox Business Network.

Fleitz noted that Schiff didn't tell the other committee members of the complaint, which the rules require.

"Each side is supposed to share classified information received by the committee with the other side," he said.

"But even worse, it is pretty clear that this was shared with Speaker Pelosi, because on the 30th of September she said on '60 Minutes' she knew what was in the transcript before the White House released it," said Fleitz

"This suggests to me that Schiff and Pelosi have been working together to gin up this impeachment effort for a long time, based on this Ukraine issue."

Dobbs asked Fleitz if during his CIA career he had ever seen anything "that looks as practiced and polished."

"I've never seen one this perfect. I've never seen one that appeared to be written not just by a lawyer but by a law firm, or a team of lawyers," Fleitz said.

Dobbs suggested it might have been written by the House Intelligence Committee staff.

"I think that's what happened," Fleitz affirmed.

"Schiff's attorneys were heavily involved in drafting this complaint."

Fleitz said a legitimate impeachment inquiry would begin with a full vote of the House and give due process rights to the Republicans, including subpoena power to call witnesses.

"Pelosi is doing an end run around the historic procedure on how to do this," he said, putting one of the House's "most partisan members," Schiff, in charge of the process.

But Fleitz said the "wheels are coming off" the "latest effort to take down the president."

Dobbs agreed.

"I think this is going to help the president."