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Limbaugh makes stunning prediction on next effort to boot Trump

WND Staff

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The Democrats have tried Russia collusion, and it failed. So did a broadside against Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court nomination. Then there were the attacks on the president from Muslim congresswoman Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib. The charges of racism and white supremacy. And recently the stoking of fears of recession.

So what will be the next campaign against President Trump by Democrats still unable to accept his 2016 election victory over Hillary Clinton?

Talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh predicts: impeachment.

"So I think [House Speaker Nancy] Pelosi will cave. Let me make that as my official prediction. Pelosi will cave when Congress comes back, and the Democrats will complete the trifecta of shooting themselves in the foot and Pelosi will know it the minute she authorizes it, the impeachment of Trump, with one year before the election," he said.

Pelosi has been resisting demands from her party's more extreme members to begin impeachment of the president. Polls show voters are against it, and it the Democratic-controlled House refers charges, the Republican-controlled Senate is unlikely to convict.

"I shared with you an email at the beginning of the program today from a friend of mine. 'Mr. Limbaugh, you've accurately noted, and in some cases predicted, each of these various hoaxes that the left and the media would try to bring down Donald Trump. What's next, sir? Could you please apply all of your masterful talents? What's next?'" he said Wednesday.

"We've had Trump-Russia collusiongate. We've had Kavanaughgate. We've had Tlaib and Rashida whatever her name is crying about Trump this or that. We've had failed impeachment. We have had failed Robert Mueller. There's any number of these hoaxes. We had a failed recession last week," he said.

He said his newest forecast is influenced partly because of an article by Judd Apatow, a Hollywood personality, who claims it is "truly shameful" that Pelosi has not yet impeached.

For "racism" and "treason."

"Apatow made the remarks in response to a tweet from Pelosi accusing the Trump of administration of 'blatantly bigoted and downright dangerous policies' over their appeal to the Supreme Court that federal employment law banning discrimination based on sex does not include discrimination based on transgender status," he said.

Limbaugh explained: "She's out of options. All of their major funding people and organizations – Hollywood – they're all getting in line, and they are demanding this. Pelosi is taking grief like you can’t believe. So whereas [Democrat Rep. Jerry] Nadler has gummed it up so far – and don’t doubt me on this. They had visions already that we would be on our way to a trial in the Senate with Trump under the interrogation lights. It hasn’t gone anywhere and precisely because it hasn’t gone anywhere, the left is going nuts."

He pointed out one of the reasons that the left is going off course is that a new poll finds 63 percent of Americans expect Donald Trump to be reelected.

"Do you know how crazy this is going to drive the left? It’s up from 43 percent in a relatively short amount of time. It's a Rasmussen poll, their latest 2020 poll. Sixty-three percent believe Trump is heading to reelection. You know what? This is pretty close to the betting markets. The betting markets, if you follow those, are fairly close to this."

Limbaugh said a friend sent him an email saying the Democrats are in a "psychocrisis."

The talk host said a symptom is that members of the left now are attacking each other.

"You see, here's bottom line: They thought Trump would be gone by now. Now, again, I know this is all gonna sound funny, and it is funny in the sense of how they failed, but their intent here has not been funny. I am telling you right now these people thought Donald Trump would be on his way to jail by now."