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Rush Limbaugh Left His Audience Floored With This Confession About 2020

Kelly Walsh

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The first Democrat Presidential debate is in the books.

And now the race is taking shape.

But Rush Limbaugh left his audience floored with this confession about 2020.

Rush Limbaugh began a recent broadcast by declaring Donald Trump the unquestioned winner of the first Democrat Presidential debate.

Limbaugh pointed out how California Senator Kamala Harris took Biden to task for working with pro-segregationist Senators to oppose forced school busing.

Limbaugh began, “Okay. No matter how you slice this last night, it was another big win for Trump. Kamala Harris tore up Joe Biden. Now, this is kind of amazing to me. What did Biden get torn up over? All of a sudden Joe Biden, who was the vice presidential running mate and vice president for the first African-American president in the country’s history, is a racist pig!”

Limbaugh said President Trump came out the winner in other respects as well.

Every Democrat – including former Vice President Joe Biden – raced as far to the left as possible on issues like immigration.

Limbaugh believes Biden’s campaign is stuck in a downward spiral – and as evidence – pointed to Biden supporting both decriminalizing the act of illegal immigration and giving free taxpayer funded healthcare to illegal immigrants.

Rush did say, however, that candidates can recover from a shaky debate performance.

He referenced Ronald Reagan demolishing Walter Mondale in the second Presidential debate in 1984 after he stumbled badly in the first.

“Now, a lot of people think Biden’s toast, and I’m of that frame of mind too. But I remember these things change on a dime. Do you remember 1984, Mr. Snerdley? Some of you may not. The first debate between Reagan and Walter F. Mondull. That debate is what ignited talk of whether Reagan already had Alzheimer’s. He seemed so out of it, so ill-prepared, so just disconnected that after the first debate 1984 between Mondull and Reagan, everybody in the Drive-By Media and a lot of Republicans were getting panicky,” Limbaugh continued.

But Rush Limbaugh did not believe Biden has that kind of political talent to reverse his campaign’s trajectory.

“So does Biden have something like that in him? I don’t think so. But time will tell. But no matter how you slice this last night, big win for Trump. Because the frontrunner was taken out last night for all intents and purposes. Again, I say this with a couple of caveats, but I don’t think Biden was ever gonna survive, and I got audio sound bites of my prediction about this. I think he’s too old, he can’t keep up,” Limbaugh concluded.

The media went into the first debate expecting it to be the beginning of former Vice President Biden’s coronation.

Instead, Biden fell flat on his face.

And Rush Limbaugh told his audience that was the day that got Donald Trump re-elected.