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Ben Carson Responds to Calls for his Resignation


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Ben Carson Responds to Calls for his Resignation

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson has responded to Democrats calls for his resignation from the position after he testified in front of Congress.

According to Fox Business:

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson told FOX BusinessOpens a New Window. “we have reached a sad point in our country” in response to calls for his resignation following a fiery exchange on Capitol Hill Thursday.

“I think we've reached a very sad point in our country where a hearing that is supposed to be about what the policies are becomes just attack, attack, attack. Not being very interested in what the answers are," he said on "Cavuto: Coast-to-CoastOpens a New Window.” Friday.

Rep. Jennifer Wexton, D-Va., called for Carson's resignation, saying he is “inept” and lied to Congress about rule changes affecting the protections of transgender individuals at homeless shelters.

Carson said the rule in place since 2012 is "not in any way being altered" while additions were made to the 2016 rule.