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By Hano

April 25th 2019

Democracy is a war of ideologies designed to weaken and divide. It serves no other purpose than to steal power from those that can be convinced that the political party's ideology should be the individual's ideology. Democracy is designed to be inclusive but it fails as a governance system because it includes also the uneducated, the illiterate and anyone that does not have the mental capacity, education and even experience to be able to have a say in the administration of a country, region or even just a town.

Democracy is a vehicle through which people that should never be allowed near any leadership position and that should never have any power, are given power by uninformed, misled and blatantly lied to masses who think they are informed but who also don't fully realise how misled they are even when pledges and promises are consistently reneged on and broken.

Democracy is one of the greatest power and control scams ever perpetrated on humanity which more often than not exclude the most worthy from leadership. Democracy is a deceptive system of ideology and opinion that removes self responsibility from the individual and transfers it to another group or individual that inevitably will abuse the given responsibility for Their own benefit. It's a system of disempowerment under the guise of empowerment.

Democracy is the lazy man's and the controlling, power seeking and very often unethical and immoral man's form of government. In the long run it never bodes well for any society as no society can continue to exist if constantly driven by the deep divisions inherent in democracy. Unity is impossible in a democratic system and so is real freedom when held captive by somebody else's ideology, the party's ideology.

A united world of sovereign beings cannot have democracy. It is a governmental system that should be abolished if there is ever the wish to create self responsible, self reliant, united and truly free beings. Unity is strength. Division is weakness. Democracy is weakness, not strength, and can never be otherwise.