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Elizabeth Warren Canít Escape This Embarrassing Scandal On The Campaign Trail

Kelly Walsh

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Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren is running for president.

But her campaign just can’t shake this one scandal that has haunted her for weeks.

This major problem is wrecking her campaign before it even gets off the ground.

Elizabeth Warren was expected to be a major contender for the Democratic nomination for president.

But the Massachusetts Senator who was once hailed as the new face of the Democratic Party is now on the ropes.

Haunted by this never-ending scandal, Warren can’t stay on message and she’s struggling to move on with her campaign.

Mediaite reports, “During a campaign stop in Georgia on Saturday, Senator and 2020 presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) was heckled at the beginning of her speech. Before Warren started telling her back story to her supporters, a man started to shout “Why did you lie” at her.”

The “lie” is of course Warren’s bogus claim to Native American ancestry.

Warren ended up in a very heated feud with President Donald Trump for months over the claim that she comes from a Native American background.

In the end, the Senator took a DNA test showing she is roughly 1/1024th Native American, or 0.09%.

Warren was lambasted on social media for the test. Despite intending to prove the President wrong, she only ended up humiliating herself in front of the entire nation.

And she can’t get the episode behind her, even now when she needs to campaign for president on issues that could grow her support.

Instead, Warren continues to have to deal with the fallout from her Native American heritage scandal, and the effects have been devastating on the campaign trail.

This past weekend, Warren struggled to get the whole ordeal behind her yet again, as a man heckled her in the crowd about lying about her ancestry in order to advance her own career.

“Before Warren started telling her back story to her supporters, a man started to shout ‘Why did you lie’ at her. ’Be easy, be easy’ Warren said to the man as the crowd booed and chanted ‘Warren!’,” reports Mediaite.

Even after coming clean and more or less admitting that she isn’t Native American, to the great embarrassment of her supporters who attacked President Trump for calling her out as a fraud, Warren continues to deal with the fallout of her botched attempt to end the controversy.

And this time it happened at one of her own presidential campaign stops.

“Eventually, the man was escorted out. It can be seen he was carrying a parody “Warren” campaign sign that read “1/2020,” referencing her exaggerated Native American ancestry claims she made for years,” adds Mediaite.

With more and more Democrats jumping into the 2020 primary cycle, Warren is struggling to make a name for herself as anything more than one of several U.S. Senators running for president.

Indeed, her biggest claim to fame so far has been the Native American DNA test she took.

This is of course not the sort of message Warren wants to portray, but the issue remains a massive problem for the Massachusetts Senator as she prepares to fight a dozen other Democrats for the chance to take on President Trump in 2020.