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The Democrat Party Is Finished After One Poll Dropped

Claire McCaskill

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Claire McCaskill

Democrats are having a hard time in the upcoming midterms.

With the economy booming, they are losing support fast.

And one new poll proves they are done for.

The Democrat’s Entire Plan Is Falling Apart

Going into 2018, Democrats had a lot of optimism.

They were convinced that President Trump was going down.

He is the opposite of everything they believe in.

But as it turns out, the economy is booming under Trump.

At the start of the year, his historic tax cuts went into effect.

Then a series of trade deals went through.

All of this is causing the economy to improve significantly.

Unemployment is at historic lows.

And economic growth is at levels nobody expected.

All of that is causing President Trump’s approval ratings to climb.

And when his approval numbers go up, so do the polling numbers for Republicans running in the upcoming midterms.

Because after all, Trump is the biggest factor for voters.

The biggest losers at this time are Democrats in red states.

And one Democrat, in particular, is hurting badly.

A Missouri Democrat Losing Hope

Sen. Claire McCaskill is in an interesting situation.

She is firmly on the left, while voters in her state of Missouri are on the right.

Her entire campaign strategy is to paint herself as a moderate Democrat.

It’s how she won the first time and survived re-election.

But now she is facing a crisis as voters are realizing she is more liberal than she let on.

A new poll shows her challenger, Republican Josh Hawley, in the lead.

While it’s only by one point, it’s higher than previous polls.

And it comes at a time when McCaskill is already facing major problems.

The first is her vote on the confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

She publicly opposed him and voted “no” on his confirmation.

This angered many in the state of Missouri who saw the allegations against him as a political hit job.

Along with her problems with Kavanaugh, she is facing criticism due to her opposition to President Trump.

Voters in Missouri support Trump, while McCaskill opposes him and voted for Hillary Clinton.

And to top it all off, a secretly recorded video proves once-and-for-all that she is purposefully deceiving voters.

Project Veritas Proves She’s A Liberal Democrat

Project Veritas, which is known for secretly recording government officials to uncover their secrets, went after McCaskill.

A new report shows McCaskill and her staffers admitting she is much farther left than her campaign message.

McCaskill openly admitted that she supports radical gun control, including gun bans.

That is one thing voters in Missouri are staunchly opposed to.

Staffers also admitted receiving strong support from former President Obama.

But that support wasn’t made public, as it would have hurt her in the polls.

Project Veritas uncovered the real McCaskill and her views are not well-liked by voters in the state.