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Michael Flynn's attorney Sidney Powell has been sounding the alarm on the government corruption carried out at the hands of the Obama administration for years and evidence is finally emerging proving her cries to be true.


According to The Daily Wire:

Sidney Powell, attorney for former national security adviser Michael Flynn, told Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo on Sunday that the trap that FBI officials allegedly set up for Flynn was “orchestrated and set up” by former top officials in the Obama administration, and that it happened at the White House in a meeting with then-President Barack Obama.




“Talk to us about [the meeting in Obama’s office], Sidney, because Sally Yates was there, Jim Comey was there, John Brennan was there, James Clapper was there briefing President Obama in the Oval Office on the Russia probe,” Bartiromo said. “Joe Biden and Susan Rice were there as well. This was January 5, 2017. Walk us through it.”


“Well, the day before, Comey had found and McCabe had found the transcripts of Flynn’s call with Kislyak. And he briefed Clapper on it immediately. Clapper then immediately went and briefed President Obama on it,” Powell said. “Then they have the Oval Office meeting on the 5th. Comey admits in his testimony that the FBI are the people that unmasked General Flynn, our people, whatever that means. And at the meeting on the 5th, Sally Yates was stunned because Obama mentions to her out of the blue about the call and the transcript of the call. She knew nothing about it, because Comey hadn’t briefed DOJ.”


“So, then they dispatch Comey the very next morning to brief President Trump only on the salacious aspects of the dossier on January 6 to set the news hook for BuzzFeed and CNN to run with the dossier they knew was a lie,” Powell continued. “Then Peter Strzok is watching a CNN report on that and texts about he and Priestap sitting there watching it and using it as a pretext to go interview some people. So the whole thing was orchestrated and set up within the FBI, Clapper, Brennan, and in the Oval Office meeting that day with President Obama.”






Town Hall reported on this as well:

Michael Flynn’s attorney, Sidney Powell, spoke in no uncertain terms Sunday in an interview with Fox News’s Maria Bartiromo about former President Obama’s role in the effort to entrap the former national security adviser.


Powell explained the FBI agents made it appear to Flynn that the meeting was informal, giving him no impression that his responses could later be used against him.


“These agents specifically schemed and planned with each other how to not tip him off that he was even the person being investigated,” she said. “In fact, according to Comey's testimony that's attached to the exhibits they filed in the motion to dismiss, they just simply said, we'd like to send a couple agents by to talk to you.


"And, of course, General Flynn said sure. And he saw them as allies. They encouraged him to stay that way,” she continued. “They deliberately did not tell him about 1001 [the statute that makes it a federal felony to lie to agents] because they didn't want to trigger the slightest suspicion in his mind that he was being investigated or should be concerned about anything.”

President Trump has labeled the scandal "Obamagate."


Powell said that it will now remain up to US Attorney John Durham, who is investigating the origins of the Russia investigation, and Attorney General Barr whether to bring charges against the allegedly corrupt officials or not.