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  • 2020-01-17
  • Source: TTN
  • by: TTN Staff

    Obama broke many rules while in office and many lawyers would argue that he broke many laws as well. While many Democrats still cling to this bizarre myth that the Obama White House was completely scandal-free, yet another failing of the educational system, we all know the truth, Obama led one of the scandalous administrations in US History. 


    Recently the GAO, Government Accountability Office, announced that the Trump administration has broken the law and the media has taken this story miles, too bad the “scandal-free administration” was also called out by the GAO for breaking the law. Here are all the time Obama and his administration broke the law


    1.) Health Insurance Rule


    During the initial disaster that was Obama-care, even the Obama administration could care less about the rules they had put in place. The GAO ruled that the Obama administration has been breaking the very rules it has put forward on healthcare when it came to overcompensating insurers for seriously ill patients.


    2.) Terrorists for Traitors


    Another time the Obama administration was caught breaking the law was when they traded 5 terrorists from Gunatoamo bay for the deserter Bowe Bergdahl. We all know this story and the story of the deserter Bowe Bergdahl but what the media buried was the fact that this was all illegal. In order to make a deal like this, the President is required to alert several committees in Congress, something Obama neglected to do. 


    3.) Obama-era Travel Bans



    At the beginning of the Trump Presidency, the media had a total meltdown over Trump’s travel bans, these bans made it so further vetting was required for immigrants from certain countries. The media painted it as some awful thing that's killing people and it was racist but that was all nonsense. 


    This brings us to the travel bans brought out by Obama, Obama has many travel bans during his presidency and his made Trump’s look like an April fools prank. The Government Accountability Office did a full rundown of the ordeal and the Obama administration had 16 times the travel ban rate that Trump’s administration.    



    4.) Fed Guidance


    Every Presidency has the option to guide the Federal Reserve, they issue small things and the Fed usually tries to stick to these guidelines. Turns out in typical Obama fashion the GAO found that he had gone through this process illegally, he had not sought the approval of Congress.     


    5.) China Dealings


    Another major issue the GAO found during Obama’s tenure was his dealings with China, don’t confuse these with the Biden families shady dealings with China. The GAO found that a wing of the Obama Administration has worked in conjunction with China and it's emissaries on what were relatively minor projects but it was illegal nonetheless.   



    6.) Other Obama Scandals That Somehow Escaped The Law


    In case the GAO’s opinion on the matter didn’t remind you of what a disaster the last administration was here were several other major scandals that there should have been consequences for.


    FAST and Furious: Remember when Obama and Eric Holder ran an operation in the Justice Department where they gave a lot of guns and munitions to the cartels that are terrorizing Central and South America? We do and we also remember how one of the weapons that were lost was used to kill an American Border Patrol agent. 


    Benghazi: This complete disaster was caused by the negligence of Hillary Clinton, the State Department, and the Obama White House. If letting several Americans die wasn’t bad enough the administration then tried it's best to cover-up the whole thing all while not using the term Islamic extremism once. PC Politics and the ego of the Administration were more important to these people than the lives of their fellow countrymen.  


    IRS as a Political Weapon: Remember when the Obama administration let the IRS take down its political opponents by denying them various tax status’ and all sorts of general misconduct. While Lois Lerner got a small citation from Congress over the incident it didn't fix the rampant dismantling of the growing conservative movement that the IRS was doing. 


    Email Disaster: We all know the famous line about Hillary Clinton and her emails. Clinton not only deleted her emails, but she also downloaded a software called Bleach Bit and attempted to scrub every machine she used inappropriately. We will never know what was really deleted or what dictator on the other side of the world was able to hack into them.