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Obama cashes in on being a U.S. 'citizen'

Joe Kovacs

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Former President Barack Obama, whose status as a “natural-born citizen” in the United States became a years-long controversy, is now tapping in on his status as a citizen to urge Americans to “take a stand against one of the most critical issues our democracy faces,” specifically voting manipulation.

In an email Monday with the subject line “Citizen to citizen,” Obama issued a fundraising plea on behalf of the National Redistricting Action Fund.

“In my farewell address in Chicago over two years ago, I said something I still firmly believe today: Being a citizen is the most important job in our democracy,” Obama began his pitch.

“It’s a title that we all proudly share. Not just when there’s an election or when our own narrow interests are at stake — but every single day, over a full lifetime. I’ve always believed it’s on every one of us to safeguard the principles and rights enshrined in our Constitution, and to continually try to improve this country of ours. That’s what citizenship demands of us.

“And that’s why I’m reaching out today, citizen to citizen, to ask you to chip in and take a stand against one of the most critical issues our democracy faces: Gerrymandering.”

While millions of U.S. citizens have been outraged by the actions of officials in the Obama administration tried to manipulate the 2016 presidential election by spying on the campaign of Donald Trump, Obama is now urging Americans to fight against voting manipulation.

“Together, we’ll stand up against those who manipulate maps in a way that makes elections unfair and unrepresentative,” Obama stated. “It means we’ll support candidates and elected officials who want districts that are fair and representative — and we’ll fight for them. It means we’ll hold politicians accountable to ensure we have a fair redistricting process in 2021.”

He concluded: “If you’re tired of politicians ignoring the will of voters; of extreme legislation designed to benefit narrow special interests; of stalled progress on common-sense solutions to so many of the issues we care about… this is one way to do something about it. This is a moment for you to exercise your power as a citizen.”

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