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Warning! Obama Coming To Africa W/Globalist AGENDA!

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Dr. Mumbi Show

Dr. Mumbi Show


Published on Jun 27, 2018

Africa BEWARE, Obama is coming to visit as he pushes his globalist NWO agenda down our throats. He will be in Kenya on July 16th, 2018 to open his sister's NGO and will fly to Johannesburg, South Africa to deliver the Nelson Mandela Lecture which is one of the biggest NWO/Illuminati events on the continent.

Let us not forget that in his 8 years as US president, Obama NEVER did anything to help the continent or black people in the world but was merely a puppet for the NWO agenda. In fact it was under his watch that Qadaffi was assassinated and Libya destroyed.

The last time Obama was in Africa, he came as the LGBT ambassador trying to pressure African governments to legalize gay rights. This move backfired badly and actually caused a serious backlash with African presidents coming out with tougher laws and harsher language against LGBT. It also resulted in a significant increase in the discrimination of LGBT on the continent.


As promised here's the link to my interview with Phil over on Advise Show.


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