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Leaked Photo of Obama Dressed as Satan Goes Viral!

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Leaked Photo Of Obama As Satan Goes Viral! from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.


Huge story going viral right now shows Barack Obama (the biggest fraud in history) dressed up as himself – satan!  YES, the photo is REAL and it’s already been proven as not being manipulated in anyway!  It was taken down very quickly but not before it was captured!


More and more people are waking up to the VERY evil nature of Barack Obama.  If you voted for this guy then I hope you have woken up about him!


“A disturbing image of former President Barack Obama dressed as Satan has emerged online.The image first appeared when it was uploaded to Instagram by an artist named Annemarie Hope who is known for illustrations of Satanic churches.The photo, which appears to have been taken by hope herself, was uploaded to her profile with a caption that included the phrase “class & grace” – a term often used by Obama supporters to describe the ex-POTUS:”