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MIA MARIE POPE--Truth About Barack Obama! Expose this FRAUD by Sharing!

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This is an oldie but a goody.  I’ve never heard this funny interview with a woman who used to know Barack Obama as a child!   I’m sure many of you didn’t see it either!   You’ll hear some very interesting information on Obama’s lifestyle in the gay community, how he got his cocaine and how nobody trusted a single thing he said!  He was known by Mia’s friends as a pathological liar!  You wouldn’t trust this guy to walk your dog!


She even knew that Barack Obama was using fake birth certificates but the FBI wasn’t interested of course because they are deep state scum and corrupt to the core.  


She says every time Barry Soetoro would open his mouth he would lie!  Sort of like we know he lied about how ObamaCare would only cost as much as your phone bill!  Or that if you liked your doctor you could keep your doctor!  


Mia Marie Pope is hilarious!  You’ll love this information which of course would never be on the fake news!   


Get this one out to friends and family.  The legacy of this fraud Barack Obama aka Barry Soetoro must be completely destroyed just like the legacy of the satanic Bush and Clinton families!   We were given this satanic monster by our fake media who protected this fraud always.   Enjoy this one and share it everywhere using the share buttons at the top so it goes viral!  Sharing is caring about your Republic so we dont’ get fooled again!