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Handing out condoms on the Titanic

Steve Elliott Grassfire Nation

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Feb. 20, 2012

In assessing what he calls Obama's "contraception misdirection," Mark Steyn of National Review exposes the Obama team's failed moral, political and economic philosophy in one essay.

Steyn notes that we have a President who is intentionally picking a fight over birth control in an effort to portray Republicans as cultural Neanderthals -- but in doing so, Obama is exposing his failed philosophy for the world to see.

Our President is trying to score political points by issuing edicts that guarantee that every American has a "right" to taxpayer-funded, free birth control (including chemical abortions) -- while our nation's financial house is collapsing under the weight of an upside-down demographic.

Simply put, the Entitlement States of America are facing economic collapse in part because our birth rate cannot support the escalating entitlement spending. There are no longer enough grandchildren to fund the entitlement obligations due to their grandparents. And it gets worse for the next generation.

+ + Condoms on the deck of the Titanic

The Obama Administration knows this, but their alleged "budget" plays games with the numbers and pushes the problem out beyond the 10-year budget window. After 10 years, even Obama's budget recognizes what Geithner calls the "demographic challenges" which cause entitlement spending to dramatically rise, crushing the budget. The fact is, we will not make it 10 years before the escalating entitlement costs and the declining demographic collide.
So, instead of addressing the coming entitlement and demographic catastrophe head-on, Obama tries to score political points by promoting a policy that amounts to government-mandated, taxpayer-funded economic destruction. As Steyn concludes:
"In America an oblivious political class, led by a president who characterizes young motherhood as a 'punishment,' prefers to offer solutions to problems that don’t exist rather than the ones that are all too real. I think this is what they call handing out condoms on the Titanic."

+ + Special Report: Death Of A Nation

Our Liberty News just published a special three-part series exposing the desperate economic state of our nation. I encourage you to read all three articles:

Part One: How Governments Fail

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Also, be sure to read the Mark Steyn's National Review article and watch for yourself as Geithner squirms.

Then, share this update with your friends so they can understand how our president is passing out condoms while the ship of state sinks.

Steve Elliott

Grassfire Nation

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Mark Steyn National Review

Geithner Squirms


Part One: How Governments Fail

Part Two: Greece, the First Domino

Part Three: Death Of A Nation

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