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FULFORD: Full Update | Benjamin Fulford — October 15, 2022: New Chinese Emperor oversees Khazarian mafia purge

Benjamin Fulford

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The failure of a Khazarian mafia coup attempt in China means the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Corporation is not going to be able to escape bankruptcy this time, multiple sources say.

This is because a new emperor -who is a direct descendant of Genghis Khan- has taken power in China, according to dragon family sources. So far, over a thousand senior Chinese officials and three generations of their families have been executed for accepting bribes from the KM, the sources say. The rest of the top levels of the Chinese government remain under house arrest until investigations are completed.


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It is still not clear if Chinese President Xi Jinping has been replaced by an avatar or not, the source adds. However the real Xi Jinping has a shoulder injury from an assassination attempt in Singapore so, when the new Chinese politburo is revealed on October 16th, the thing to watch for is the presence or absence of this injury on Xi if he appears, they say. Either way, any Xi who appears will not be a KM stooge, they add. The fact that KM propaganda rags like the New York Times are now viciously attacking Xi is another indicator their attempt to take over China has failed

Polish intelligence sources corroborate saying:

It is now clear that the Military Brigade that entered Beijing was there to defend Xi and surround it for protection. Some CCP members have been arrested and executed. The coup attempt was staged by the ROTHSCHILDs / ROCKEFELLERS / VATICAN / BLACKROCK / DAVOS GROUP ETC. in an effort to stop Chinese support for the Russian Alliance and the annexation of Ukraine. The second reason for the coup attempt was the takeover of the BRICS temporary reserve system, into which half of the world’s currencies have already shifted.

The fact that OPEC+ has decided to cut oil production by 2 million barrels per day in order to help Russia is another sign the entire non-Western world is cooperating in the effort to cut off oil and gas and thus collapse the US Corporation. Even the fake White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was forced to admit “It’s clear that OPEC+ is aligning with Russia with today’s announcement.”

This effort appears to be working. One of the principal owners of the US Corporation, Blackrock International has filed for bankruptcy, Mexican intelligence sources point out.

Blackrock International, Inc. Files for Bankruptcy in Lafayette | BKData

These same sources say Russian, Chinese and other specialists have entered the US via Mexico to help US special forces hunt down and destroy remaining KM leadership and strongholds in North America.

A public sign the Mexican government has joined the planetary liberation alliance can be seen in that they are now using the Russian Glonass GPS system that the US has tried to ban.

Niega Marcelo Ebrard instalación del Sistema Glonass – Xpectro (

Of course, it would be a big mistake to underestimate the KM. Russian FSB sources say that according to Federal Reserve Board documents obtained by Russian intelligence “between now and 2023 the KM will begin a massive


(Stillness in the Storm Editor) Benjamin Fulford’s report from October 10th, 2022 has been updated. Click here to read the full report. This post serves as a notice that the original has been updated. Scroll down to where it says:

[Below is the remaining portion of Fulford’s update this week]

The UK government has been advised to air the Royal Family’s dirty laundry -such as the murder of Diana- blame it on King Charles and then start afresh under King William V. If so, any new bills and coins made with King Charles III on them will quickly become collectors’ items. Keep your eyes on the British tabloids to see if this is all true or just propaganda.

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In Germany and France meanwhile, massive demonstrations are snowballing in reaction to the economic collapse being caused by their KM slave governments’ suicidal anti-Russian moves.

Several such rallies took place in Germany’s capital city on Saturday, and the largest one was organized by the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party outside the Reichstag building, the lower house of the German parliament. In a speech, AfD co-leader, Tino Chrupalla, called for the removal of Russia sanctions, accusing Economy Minister Robert Habeck of waging war against the German people by causing an energy crisis through the sanctioning of Russia.

In Brazil, meanwhile, an attempt by the KM to steal the presidential election from President failed, forcing a runoff against Satanist former president, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. Even pro-Lula media opinion polls show Bolsonaro will win the runoff election.

“This is Lula. A man who has admitted to having tried to rape a fellow inmate in jail in the 1970s. A man accused of ordering the murder of Santo André mayor Celso Daniel, and over half a dozen witnesses. A man taped by a wire bitterly complaining and bitching that no one had the guts to kill former Economy Minister Palocci in jail,” a CIA source says.


The KM has also now condemned itself to war crimes tribunals and massive civil lawsuits due to its COVID fraud. Two of the top five medical journals in the world Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine have retracted COVID-related articles.

Now Hindawi, one of the world’s largest open-access journal publishers is retracting 511 papers that appeared in 16 different journals based on the discovery of “unethical actions”. The papers have all been published since August 2020.

A CIA affiliated Medical doctors comments:

“What this means is that they are admitting to all the fraud and lies by the medical profession. There will be numerous lawsuits against universities, colleges and medical centers as a result of this. Think about all the tenure given, and grants, that were awarded based on published papers that were bogus, wrong, and in place due to corruption and bribes, all for money.”

This is what Jacob Rothschild once said on the subject: everyone must be psychologically trained to follow the same commands…Universal vaccination programs not only open the door to behavior control by modifying and amplifying genes, but more importantly for the current operation, psychological behavior control with vaccines is even more fundamental. [Vaccines] are the most unified and compatible psychological weapons ever devised to control human behavior…in any crisis, people act mostly on emotions rather than real facts, critical thinking and common sense.

Of course, many of these so-called doctors and medical experts as well as their KM puppet masters will face the death penalty at the upcoming war crimes tribunals.

These tribunals will also reveal how the KM infiltrated so many world institutions by replacing their leaders with impostors. This is especially true of Christianity.

Cardinal Gerhard Mueller the former head of the Vatican’s highest doctrinal office joined the chorus of true Catholics warning that “Pope Francis” was leading “the hostile takeover of the Church of Jesus Christ” noting that his promotion of things like homosexuality “has nothing to do with Jesus Christ.”

What Mueller and his fellow Catholics need to do is expose the fact that Pope Francis was killed and replaced with a rubber mask-wearing KM impostor.

In Italy, the press was in a furor about “Francesco Antonio Soddu, the Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Terni-Narni-Amelia, and his presence at the inauguration of a new Masonic Temple of the Grand Orient of Italy, in via Roma, in the city of Terni in Umbria, on September 27, 2022.”

Polish intelligence sources say Soviet Dictator Joseph Stalin was a key behind the infiltration of Christianity. He inducted thousands of men into the priesthood starting in the 1930s to destroy the church from within, they say. These people were selected because they were homosexuals or because they were people without faith or proper morals. “The idea was to break down the enemy’s society from the inside. Illuminati = Kabbalistic Judaism = Freemasonry = Communism = Satanism,” they concluded

As we all may know by now, Christianity has now become a laughing stock as its’ not only forsaken all God’s laws, but it has become a cesspool of debauchery, satanism and child abuse,” comments the reverend Anthony Pike, grandson of Albert Pike of Freemason fame and notoriety.

From a Christian perspective, it sure must seem like end times.

That may be why project Blue Beam is proceeding full speed ahead as an attempt to open the curtain on a “new age,” secret space program sources say.

So on that note, we will conclude with visuals from some of the latest mysterious sightings from around the world.  


1. Alien drones over Denver, Colorado USA

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2. UAP over Belgorod, Russia 2022

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3. UAP Cumberland County, Maine USA

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4. UAP over Brazil 2022

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