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SOTN: f you donít yet know what time it is, Fall of 2022 will wake you up!


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The NWO globalist cabal has only one way out of


its worldwide mess—their long-planned controlled demolition of the Global Economic & Financial System.

Submitted by The Armchair Financial Analyst

SOTN Exclusive

Obviously, the cabal is very determined to start the hot phase of World War III.  However, such a global conflict requires many willing participants … … … but too may heads of state throughout the world community of nations are starkly aware of the New World Order takeover plot.  These enlightened national leaders know that the very purpose of a Third World War is the establishment of a One World Government, just as the League of Nations was formed after WW1 and the United Nations was instituted after WW2.

Then there was the NWO blueprint that planned for a whole decade of pandemics and epidemics, plagues and contagions.  However, their catastrophic COVID-19 biowar against the whole human race and equally disastrous weaponized Covid Super Vaccination Agenda are both now practically unsustainable.  For there’s now a critical mass of people around the globe who are hip to the Covid criminal conspiracy involving multiple genocidal crime waves launched against humanity.  This also means that all planned future pandemics like Monkeypox, Polio, Smallpox, Marburg, etc. and any mandated ‘vaccines’ will be flatly rejected by an increasing number of people.

Next up is their utterly absurd and untenable Climate Change psyop.  How’s that going now that half the countries are going back to coal, nuclear and wood-burning.  The amount of chemical geoengineering required to maintain the fake Global Warming narrative is getting more exposed by each and every toxic chemtrail.  Again, the planned Global Carbon Control Matrix is crashing and burning faster than a real Phoenix.  Which means that the cabal’s hoped for One World Government, initially emerging as a Global CO2 ‘Management’ Regime, just won’t make it.

Of course, who hasn’t heard of “Project Blue Beam” as a means of scaring all of humanity into the ‘protective’ arms of the slowly manifesting One World Government?  This particular scheme was always as daffy and dotty as it is daft and delirious.  But then we really are dealing with a clan of mad men who have totally lost their marbles as evidenced by their totally insane Covid Plandemic (As if they really thought they could get away with such a harebrained scheme to carry out a global genocide in broad daylight ad infinitum).  Yes, they were successful at depopulating the Earth via their various COVID-19 bioweapons and weaponized Covid injections, but half the world is waking up to the premeditated mass murder.

Global Economic & Financial System

Last on this list of real BIG events and worldwide endeavors and captivating enterprises designed to forever distract populations across the planet is the long prophesied (and quite deliberate) collapse of the financial markets as a prelude to an engineered Second Great Depression.  Which means that their main event is a meticulously controlled demolition of the Global Economic & Financial System (GE&FS).  This massive criminal conspiracy to wreck and ruin economies everywhere is really the only thing they’ve got at this late date.  Given that the torches are being lit as folks grab their pitchforks, the NWO perps know that they will soon have to act very fast.

Because there is now mathematical certainty to a systemwide breakdown, it’s actually only a matter of time that their house of cards will fall down on its own.  In point of fact, the amount of time and energy and money and human resources needed to artificially prop up the greatest Pyramid-Ponzi scheme in recorded history is simply too great to sustain.  Hence, the “Financial Masters of the Universe”, being the control freaks that they are, will stage the oft-predicted controlled demolition not too unlike the same perpetrators orchestrated the stock market crashes during the Fall of 2008 after they collapsed the real estate market in 2007.

The PRE-PLANNED Financial and Economic 9/11 of 2008

With so many folks now cognizant of the ever-running CON GAME known as the Global Gambling Casino, many have withdrawn from the century-long scam.  Once news of this epic swindle went mainstream, as it has by way of the MSM’s ridiculous news reporting on matters both financial and economic, the stock- and bond-buying public has largely dropped out of the game.  Only the institutional investors are still playing as their primary and remaining goal is to fleece folks out of their pension money and retirement funds.  That inevitable looting of various retirement accounts will soon happen quicker than the free-fall collapse of the Twin Towers on 9/11—and quite possibly this Fall.

For the uninitiated, this coming September and October marks a period of great volatility and uncertainty for the stock market (and for all the other markets, too).  Because the real estate market is already quite unsettled as the rapidly declining values indicate, there are also major reverberations in the equities, bond, and other markets … just as the choreographed financial collapse occurred during the 2007/2008 time frame before the Great Recession of 2009.  Therefore, the wise among us would do well to go the extra mile to protect their money and investments, assets and estates, as never before.

It’s entirely true: the period from September 1 through October 31 of 2022 is especially unpredictable because of its unique association with the every 7-year Shemitah.  Because the 2022/2023 period is also the Jubilee year within the Judaic tradition that historically observed the Shemitah cycle, from Fall of 2022 to Fall of 2023 will be the most financially consequential and economically earthshaking of the modern era.  As follows:






Special Note: What makes Fall 2022 especially fraught with so many gathering threats, dangers and risks are the truly monumental midterm elections.  The communist-controlled Democrat Party has become so desperate and brazen that they will undoubtedly attempt to steal every election in sight.  The NWO globalist cabal is setting up the final stretch of this election season with maximum chaos, confusion and conflict.  Only in this way, just as they stole the 2020 elections via so much vote fraud under cover of Covid, can the Democrats retain control of the entire U.S. Congress.  The key point here is that the successful implementation of the final phase of the New World Order agenda is on a very strict timeline which absolutely requires the treasonous Democrats to take full control of the U.S. Federal Government.  Because the Democrat Party can only accomplish this perfidious feat through rampant vote fraud and outright election theft, the NWO crazymakers will be out in full force between now and November 8th.  Expect the Ukraine War to take an alarming twist and turn of events as the globalists manufacture as much international mayhem as possible.[1]  Remember: generating maximum distraction from their countless Election Day steals is a crucial NWO objective.  The only path to a One World Government lies with the total destruction of the American Republic; and the Democrat/RINO Uniparty has been stealthily installed to do just that.

The Armchair Financial Analyst

State of the Nation

August 23, 2022