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Greg Hunter Weekly News Wrap-Up 3.2.18

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When it comes to the Democratic Party, he hits some positive points of what I understand. 

You guys know that I am a black American, and for the life of me I cannot understand why black people keep voting for these career politicians. 

The National Black Caucus is a farce, and the only thing that comes to me is the secret society that they are associated with; not to mention their accumulation of wealth.  (Bole’)

Most of these guys have been in their positions for decades and represent the poorest of their district, however; they live not within the district that they are supposedly representing.

These charlatans have been using the blame game, victimizations scenario for decades and accusing those; for who at this moment are coming to grips that they are being enslaved as well (divide and conquer utilizing all lines of division).

The sad part about this; with all this orchestrated division, most have yet to figure out the enemy, for the enemy truly knows you and I implore all to wake up from your slumber.  --- KE


Greg Hunter of gives his analysis on the week's top stories in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.