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Astana Symbolism: The New World Order Has A New Capitol

State of the Nation

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Kraig E. Kelly

Kalos Klarity

The New World Order needs a crisis to solve. That is how all pyramidic power and control schemes work and so those at the top, either create a crisis or allow the less knowledgeable or unaware at the bottom to create one or several. Then, the more knowledgeable at the top offer the solution or enforce one that was manufactured from somewhere.

Either way, the powerful stay powerful and their status is reinforced but never shared.

They need clueless or ignorant masses that are kept in the dark while the few at the top appear more knowledgeable and offer the ‘reasonable’ solutions for those at the bottom, which actually turns out to be compliance-obedience-enslavement to the few at the top of the pyramid.

‘Reason’ is not always needed or wanted. Loyalty is better.


For those who begin to advance towards the top, more knowledge and organizational awareness is allowed.

You can find this sort of organizational structure in nearly every social environment in the West or America.

It is how the US government organizes. It’s how the US government bureaucracy, the US miltary organize. It’s how the United Nations organizes. It’s how corporations organize.\


It is how small businesses organize. Schools, clubs and sports organize this way.  Hospitals do this too. It’s how most churches and many religious groups organize. They are rarely about experiencing truth!

It is important to note here, truth and knowledge are not necessarily the same things. They sometimes intersect but they are distinct.


Those at the top are the highest stake holders. They stand to gain the most and lose the most if the organization implodes or ceases to exist.