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America Now Trapped Inside The People's Cube

Mrs. Red Square |

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Feb. 25, 2013

However, Obama's re-election has already happened on Tuesday as planned, ushering in the arrival of the glorious Progressive World without any further interruptions. As America is being fundamentally transformed into a completely different entity according to Marxist blueprints, the People's Cube has also made a dialectical quantitative leap and transformed itself into a new, somewhat different object.


The Cube that is equal on all sides and whose completely interchangeable red squares can get rearranged without any consequence to the general outcome is now a metaphorical representation of the new powerful progressive state that is being created in place of America - and a model for a new way of life.



Let me explain.


The base of this cube is collectivist moral philosophy. Each one of the four walls represent progressive education, progressive media, progressive mass culture, and progressive nanny state agencies. The top, representing the coercive power of the government dictate, finally fell upon us on the Tuesday of Obama's re-election.


Sides of this red cube may twist and turn like revolving doors, with members of the media becoming government workers, members of the government entertaining us on TV, entertainers educating the masses, and so on - with no end, no real change, but with a semblance of meaningful activity and a hope for some eventual progress. That progress, however, will never arrive because the reshuffling of equally red squares makes no difference in the life of a self-serving, self-perpetuating structure that has become a Kantian thing in itself.


We didn't build that. We allowed it to be built in the name of the People and for the sake of the People.


And we the People are now incarcerated inside this red cube - The People's Cube.





Edited and approved for circulation by Comrade Red Square, People's Director.