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Bankers want sanctions against nations to be lethal --

From Dick Eastman

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Feb. 20, 2013

Bankers want sanctions against nations to be lethal -- that is why full dependency on Monsanto seed and having to import bees (which can no longer survive in most of the US) and invisible-to-international-and national-law weather control are here.

The ability to inflict sanctions either through the UN or NATO or the IMF -- is the ability of the Rothschild to say, "Let there Be Death."  Monsanto has made the sanction a weapon to murder populations without firing a shot.


Our bees are now imported from Australia -- bees are now to our national food chain like  Monsanto "seed" -- and the new bees like the old now die off quickly in the US and need to be replaced.  Almost as significant as this is the datum  that news media in the US have not seen fit to report the bee catastrophe story to us.

If it was not for Australian bee keeps sending  millions of bees to your farmers and country in JUMBO JETS fully loaded with ONLY BEES for the past years since this started to happen, then your farms would but BUST.
BEEN many articals on this item in the Weekly times a Australian farmers paper and papers such has the Sun Herald and age papers over the years.
YOU would be starving by NOW.

Canadians, Australians, South Africans, New Zealanders never fought and beat the British Empire (City of London, Rothschids)  as have the Americans.  They have been working to destroy us.  They have done everything to discredit us in the eyes of the world.  (The world thinks that the American people chose Bush, Clinton, Bush -- and the world watches our movies  -- all horror and psychopath and sleeze movies  -- and so the world  (e.g. the Chinese watching Ruppert Murdoch's version of Americans  -- what do you think Fox News is but a device for the world and even Americans to get the wrong idea about Americans?  --  and really hate us  -- not realizing that it is Murdoch and other international rich who have been behind our media and our foreign policy all these years.)  The world will cheer when Americans fall  -- as if you and I are responsible for all that Mossad-controlled Congress has done.    All of the sabotage plans seem to be coming to a on 2013  -- none too soon for them, because I felt the populists were almost on the verge of capturing public opinion despite the media monopoly of the power bent on our destruction.