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Jan. 21, 2013

China and Obama and not Israel and not Jews?


I am certain that Israel and China work together through Rockefeller/Kissinger/Mossad following designs laid out by Trotsky and Zhou Enlai.    Trotsky lived in Mexico for a reason. 


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Subject: REVEAL: Why China needs gun control in the USA....URGENT


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Date: Mon, Jan 28, 2013 at 7:35 PM

Subject: Heads up




Jerome Corsi of World Net Daily (he's the one who

exposed the NAFTA Super Highway) visited Alex Jones in his studio yesterday and

what an interview it was! Now Corsi has appeared on AJ's show many times before,

but this time he just laid it all out about our debt and about how Obama plans

to destroy America.


Now this is not anything we haven't heard before, but new

revelations as well as how he connects the dots is eye-opening.





- Obama is the perfect tool for the globalists to

bring America into one-world government - a "reverse" colonization by the



- Obama is a Marxist and the globalists know how to use

capitalism for their benefit (Obama gets what he wants and the globalists get

what they want)


- The globalists are defined as the central bankers,

China and Saudi Arabia, all working together to control the world



Obama is using a Soviet style (the Cloward Piven) method to impoverish America,

aka spend us into impoverishment.


- He has no intention of paying back

the debt (it can't be paid back), and China (our main debtor) knows it. So

China's central bank has told Obama they want assets as repayment.


- The

Obama administration is quietly allowing China to acquire major ownership

interests in oil and natural gas resources across the U.S.


- Beijing has

been developing a proposal in which real estate on American soil owned by China

would be set up as "development zones" to establish Chinese-owned businesses and

bring in its citizens to the U.S. to work


- China also wants control of

our ports


- THIS IS A BIG ONE: China plans to colonize the U.S., but

they need us to be disarmed in order to do so. THIS is the main reason behind

Obama's gun grab.


- Corsi says NOW is the time for our Second

Amendment to come into play


- it is for this time of massive tyranny

that our founding fathers placed it in the Constitution


Here is the



Soviet Plan to Destroy America Revealed