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Craig Denega

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Jan. 19, 2013

Something is wrong...

Americans have: begged and pleaded, marched, occupied, rallied, sent faxes, posted online petitions, called and e-mailed, and some have taken it to court; all to no avail. There is no dialog to see what the people want, think, or have to contribute to the plans, YOUR plans. You HAVE no mandate from ‘the People’ to trash our Bill of Rights. Nor do you have any connection to the ‘common’ man except in theory. You probably wouldn’t understand why our founders might take umbrage to having their work trashed and plundered, while having their foresight disparaged.

Soon most of your politicians will tell or repeat the biggest LIE 'they' have ever told; soon everybody gets “Sworn in”. You’re supposed to solemnly SWEAR total allegiance; to the very document the lawyers have been hard at work to parse, destroy and diminish the value of, for all time, henceforth and forever. AND you have to do it with a straight face, and even a small tear. Last time they’ dropped out a few key words, and mumbled some others. This time they are probably eliminating the incriminating parts and downplaying the significance thereof, and we may not even get to see it. You don’t seem to have a problem with that. Some of your constituents might even call it treason. But of course YOU wouldn’t do anything like that, but some of your colleagues are. A blind man could see that, so we’ll use the term “them” for those people, not you...

Is it any wonder that your ‘approval’ rating has dropped to the point that; should anyone else, in ANY other job in the World, have THREE TIMES their ratings; they would have been toast long ago. They don’t seem to care about that, either. Even as their old concept of "Noblesse oblige" has been completely discarded, they still hold on to pride, in how much they have, and how they are ‘worth’ more than others. And since they are ALL guilty, (how can we throw them all out) they really don’t care. How’s that for job excellence, your Excellency?

Is it any wonder that after hiring the most paranoid sociopaths in the WORLD to be their advisers and policy-makers, and trying to cover EVERY possible bad contingency by papering it over with laws. They are now accepting proper ‘donations’, for their trouble, and are opening the doors of every hen-house on their ‘provinces', so every fox in the county could adopt (privatize) a hen-house to “take care of” the chickens for us? Are we getting paranoid too? You betcha, we're quick studies.

Is it any wonder that as they get more and more paranoid about following and charting our every movement, and creating files on us that will remain secret in perpetuity; Is it any wonder that we grow tired of this game, and begin to question why we are playing it. They do not welcome that event. Therefore, they are feeding us distractions, and devious summations of events, to keep us busy elsewhere.

Maybe this whole 2nd. Amendment Brou-ha-ha is one of those misdirections? As written, the Amendments are as ironclad as our founders could make them. Today, even one amendment would probably be at least over 100 pages, with attachments. Our Fathers couldn’t have possibly anticipated the situation we now find ourselves entrapped in, any more than they could have anticipated airplanes, computers, or cell phones. Apparently some lawyers have decided not to give our Constitution the benefit of the doubt; what Oath do they swear to?

Maybe it is a distraction to keep us off of other topics like: The Fed. Didn’t that 100 year lease they took out EXPIRE 12/12, or12/23/12 or soon? Has anyone prepared an evaluation of theirjob performance’ under this contract? Wasn’t one of their duties to prevent HUGE fluctuations, things like depressions? And, about that AUDIT, isn’t that about LONG overdue? As 'shareholders' in this 'union' and potential water carriers for it, isn't it only reasonable to ask for a RECONCILIATION before any renewal is even seriously considered? Surely they have some kind of; ’echelon’ software that can do it over the next several Months. Hadn’t they better get started like, yesterday? When are the hearings scheduled for? Obviously we need a lot of hearings. Since it is a Federal 'contract' shouldn't it be placed up for BIDS, too? Perhaps another entity might want to bid on it. BTW, what are the 'specs' for a new Fed II; have you drawn any up that take into account any mistakes made in the old compact, and what were they? We may want to bid on it.

And what about that pesky line about "only Congress having the power to create money", appointing a 'pinch proxies' is not anywhere to be found. Maybe you should take that power back. NOW is a good time. But who in Washington can fairly supervise the procedure when 'they' are all in bed with each other?

Since there is a quorum that believes they just might have a performance problem, isn't the issue of total financial enslavement just a little more important, in this particular moment in time; than going crazy and trying to find a 'solution' for a problem not near as serious in the grand schema of things. Remember that old chestnut about: "Act in haste, repent in leisure". We're facing a 100 year problem, no one is addressing it, it will affect everyone, the kid thing needs the back burner for now.

Is it worth turmoil and a possible Civil War right now, because 20 white kids from affluent families may have been killed? Our president can rack that total up, and more on a 'good' week, in collateral damage, just in Pakistan.

Maybe it is a distraction to let the Benghazi issue fade from memory? To give us more time (until next March) to forget the details of the inconsistencies in the Aurora shooting?

The fact that federal agencies are buying hollow point bullets and such by the millions, and it is perhaps your guys causing ammunition shortages? Hollow points aren’t even legal for war and unsuitable for target practice. If hunters don’t need more than 5 rounds, why do ‘authorities’ need armed drones, armored tanks, machine guns, armed robots, high tech armored towers for civilian neighborhoods? Could they have a guilty conscience? Could it be projection? Do they have plans that we don't know about?

It could be that your constituents are tiring of being treated like cattle; Poked, prodded, inspected, processed, and humiliated; while walking as well as flying driving, or in trains and buses, and even while parked. It might be the regulations concerning outdoor activities and what they are doing to them, or the ‘feed’ they produce for us that they will not disclose the contents of, as well as the additives in our beverages. Perhaps cattle don’t feel humiliated, but apparently a lot of us do.

Maybe it is to distract from investigating inconsistencies in official reports of incidents that have been occurring lately? Surely ‘prohibiting’ everyone from questioning the timeline, procedures, characters, inconsistencies, coincidences, and simultaneous ‘drills’; connected with Shady (sandy) Hook, is an obvious step for misdirection? In the rush to judgment we've skipped over the obvious, drugging the kids. SSRIs are never mentioned on the tube, yet have been linked to 90% of school shootings (mass deaths?) Maybe we're being pointed in the wrong direction? Then again, where are the videos?

Maybe it is to distract everyone from demanding: accountability, transparency, investigations, answers, prosecutions, imprisonment, and the real truth on their part, isn’t that supposed to be your job? BTW when are you going to declare a WAR? (Other than on your own people)

Maybe it is to distract the American people so we don’t notice that we must be exporting all of our Liberty and Freedoms, as we have precious little left here.

We’ve already forgotten those awful, paperless ‘Black Box’ voting machines they have hidden away, for the next charade.

On our part perhaps if you threw us a bone every now and then, we could go back to our unconscious ways. How about that part about; how all men are created equal? Give us equal standing; to ask questions and get proper answers? How about reinstating 'Posse Comitatus Act'? How about throwing Corzine in jail, somebody? ANYBODY?

How about equal justice for all; why do rich people walk, while everyone else is guilty until proven innocent? Why the 'kill list' for American Citizens Worldwide? Are there any rich people on it?

How about taking all of the military hardware away from the police and locking it up in the armory where it belongs until it is called for? Under the circumstances, to provide for a "well armed militia" in these States, they need to make available RP-G's, drones, and maybe recoil-less rifles just to get a teeny bit closer to parity. Up until this moment you may understand that the only quarter we see coming after us may be YOU.

How about gutting back the Patriot act; show some faith in your people for a change, and it may be returned in kind. It used to be called give and take. You can’t just take in perpetuity; what are you giving us that we haven’t had from the get-go, courtesy of the Creator and our Constitution? Paranoia, punishment and platitudes are not gifts.

Where is your olive branch to answer your people's concerns? You could take a BIG step in that direction by just answering this ONE issue.