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Sitchin Ancient Alien Work Is Illuminati Psy-Op Tied To Rothschild


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Oct. 14, 2012

What if I told you there is direct connection between Zechariah Sitchin and Lord Rothschild in the Illuminati ???

Would you believe me ???

I guess not, so here goes your evidence.

According to Sitchin’s biography on wiki Sitchin attended London’s School of Economics right along side George Soros.

Lord Rothschild is an instructor at the London School of Economics.

Sitchin worked in Israel as an editor before writing his first book “The 12th Planet”.

Sitchin came to America in 1952, the very same year .Soros started his Quantum Fund with $1M of Rothschild Capital. Soros came to America in the same year.

Coincidence ??? keep reading ;)

Sitchin’s first book “The 12th Planet” was published by Berkley Books which is a subsidiary of Penguin Publishing. Penguin Publishing is owned by Pearson PLC.

The stockholders of Pearson PLC are members of a quai-secret company called “The Economists Group”. Lord Rothschild is a member of this group and also has another secretive group within that group called “The Economists Intelligence Unit” or EIU.

So there is a direct connection between Sitchin and Rothschild. Rothschild co-financed Sitchin’s work through his publishing company and had contact with him at the London School of Economics. Therefore, it was Lord Rothschild who helped distribute the Ancient Alien Agenda.

Still not convinced ???

The History Channel’s Series of Ancient Aliens was funded by the Bristol Meyyers Squib Company. Guess who owns huge stock in Squib ???

Lord Rothschild !!!

Still not convinced ???

Sitchin is also a 33rd Deg Master Mason



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