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Tom Heneghan, International Intelligence Expert

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Monday February 20, 2012

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UNITED STATES of America - Over this current three-day weekend the FBI announced the arrest of alleged Moroccan national Amine El Khalifi, who is also an illegal immigrant, was classified as a terrorist and has been charged with plotting to attack a Washington DC mall with a weapon of mass destruction.


As it turned out this individual (an alleged lone wolf) had been infiltrated by the FBI anti-terrorist task force, as well as the Department of Homeland Security, for over five (5) months.

A courtroom sketch showing Amine El Khalifi

making a courtroom appearance

(CBS/Dana Verkouteren)


Two days before his arrest, a high level FBI official close to FBI Director Mueller, told a reporter for CBS News that this individual wasn't a threat to anyone but himself.


The chronology continues. When the FBI entrapped this individual with a toy bomb, CNN network immediately, with its reporters John King and Tom Foreman, began a massive terrorist propaganda blitz worthy of Joseph Goebbels Nazi Germany.


If you were listening to both King and Foreman you would have thought the United States was under attack.


CNN continued to report that Amine El Khalifi was part of Al Qaeda and that he had met with alleged Al Qaeda individuals in his apartment in Alexandria, Virginia.


Within two hours the CBS News website reported that their FBI sources had told them that Amine El Khalifi was never part of Al Qaeda and that the alleged shadow individuals Amine El Khalifi had met with at his Alexandria aparmtent were not part of any terrorist group at all.


I can now divulge that impeccable sources at CBS News have told me that the allegedshadow individuals Amine El Khalifi met with were representatives of a foreign intelligence agency aka the Israeli Mossad.


Folks, what the FBI did here, like they did with the noted 9/11 Israeli Urban Moving Systems (Dancing Israeli), is to step on their own investigation dealing with El Khalifi's link to Israeli intelligence.

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Trust me, folks, they will drop the charges against Amine el-Khalifi within a short period of time just like the 9/11 Dancing Israelis and deport him on immigration charges.


This all dovetails to the financial side of the equation.


This deals with the Israeli Bank of Leumi, along with the Saudi owned Citibank of New York, holding over margined long positions in New York energy futures, as well as EURO currency and Australia dollar foreign currency futures.


The collateral aka margin is, once again, illegal cross-collateralized, compounded derivatives linked to the London LIFFE Exchange.


We are also told that the Bank of Leumi and the Saudi owned Citibank of New York have been busily buying British Petroleum (BP) stock.


Question: Will Vladimir Putin soon make delivery?


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P.S. The bogus terrorist scare linked to Amine El Khalifi was a precursor to a more elaborate FALSE FLAG terrorist attack on the United States being plotted by the TREASONOUS U.S. NSA (National Security Agency) and its Israeli Mossad allies to justify an aerial attack on Iran, which would then raise the price of energy futures and make Benjamin Netanyahu and the Saudi Royal Family rich.


So you see, folks, when you connect the dots you follow the money.


Question: When is the CME Group going to issue a margin call?


P.P.S. The alleged European Union bail out deal is a hoax and a fraud as I have reported to you in previous intelligence briefings, the script has already been written for a Greek default and the triggering of credit default swaps.


All they are doing is re-organizing their illegal cross-collateralized, compounded derivatives.


In closing, folks, on a personal note, it was announced today that terrorist and financial swindler Benjamin Netanyahu will be visiting the United States on March 5th.


Message to Netanyahu: The word is out that numerous high ranking U.S. military officers want to arrest you as soon as you place your feet on American soil for recently trying to enable terrorist activity in the United States when you fed false information to your diplomatic core in America, bypassing the U.S. State Department, and then leaking it to Israeli Mossad dominated ABC News Brian Ross falsely claiming that American Jews were about to be attacked by Iranian terrorists on U.S. soil.