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Poem 'Confide' - Let us Teach Ignorant American/European/Israeli Politicians that World Knows USA/NATO/Israel Possess and Use Most Weapons of Mass Destruction!

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Jan. 13, 2012

 [From the Author of “Poems by Kolki – Absolutely Humane” & “Real Path To 9 11”]


Let us Teach Ignorant American/European/Israeli Politicians that World Knows USA/NATO/Israel Possess and Use Most Weapons of Mass Destruction!

Article: Known WMD:

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September 11, 2001 attack on USA was a Military Coup in broad day light using remote controlled hijackings and coordinating loyalists in every which way to symbolically** Re-Annex USA as part of the British Empire using multi-country covert intelligence commanded by MI6/CIA.  

There were no Physical Hijackers!

The Proof is in the Book/E-Book:Real Path To 9 11


“A sophisticated false-flag operation like 9-11 has an organizational structure with three basic levels:  architectural, operational, and working.  Atta and the 19 Arabs blamed as the hijackers of 9-11 were part of the working level, and were simply part of the deception.  That is, after all, how false-flag terror works.”- Andreas von Buelow, the former head of the parliamentary commission that oversaw the German intelligence agencies.  



(Dedicated to a world free of military and economic Bullies – Deepak Sarkar,

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World Citizens, Non-allied Nations

Really want to confide to US/NATO/Euro alliance

Oil your own machines; Mind your own business!


You run your countries with your economics and politics

Let us run ours with our sense of economy and governing

Visualizing peaceful resource utilization and distribution

Guaranteeing ways of democracy void of Monarchial institutions

Owned by the people, run by the people for united celebration

Addressing issues that enhance universal vision -

Void of dominant exploitationof resources and cultures

That mainly benefits few Corporate and Covenant Monarchs

In realization of their United Kingdom on Earth!


They want to confide -

They lack Weapons of mass destruction

Discourage massively corrupt Swiss Bank like institutions!

They fear G7 as the former warring nations with ammunitions

Running undemocratic Security Council of The United Nations

Escalating World Bank Projects inflicted economic divisions!


They know they are poor –

Compared to rich Mughals of the West without wisdom

But per capita income not the yard stick for happiness in freedom!


They cherish humanity, humility, and age old vision

So that most people can live in communal union

Freely outside commercial civilized prisons 

Without worries and sufferings from hegemonic dominations –

Related destruction, deformation, discrimination, sanctions,

Corruptions, divisions and separations!


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"Only tyrants can take a nation to war without the consent of the people. The planned war against Iraq without a Declaration of War is illegal. It is unwise because of many unforeseen consequences that are likely to result. It is immoral and unjust, because it has nothing to do with US security and because Iraq has not initiated aggression against us." —Congressman Ron Paul