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The Rothschilds 500 TRILLION DOLLARS

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Jan. 7, 2012

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The Emperors of the Earth, the über-parasites.


Without these truly Satanic blood-suckers, you would have never heard either of communism or of WW2 or of most other wars. 

WW1 would have ended in 1916 – without Versailles, which partly led to WW2 – and, of course, without the blood-soaked Balfour Declaration, in exchange for which the Rothschilds brought the U.S. into WW1 – and made sure that 'goy' blood flowed through those muddy, rat-infested trenches for two more years. 
Except for the Jew-run Soviet Gulags, the trenches of WW1 were the worst concentration camps on Earth.  Six decades earlier, the British Tommies were generously sacrificed to the Rothschilds in Crimea for the very same reason that $200 million was loaned by the Rothschilds to Japan towards a brand-new Navy that helped to secure the Japanese victory in the 1904-5 Russo-Japanese War – and for the very same reason that, in 1918, the Jew Trotsky, a principal in one of the largest payroll robberies in Russia, was given $20 million in gold by Jacob Schiff of Kuhn, Loeb & Co, a Rothschild front: the Jew Rothschilds, first, wanted to destroy the hated Christian Russia – and then rob her blind – exterminating in the process not only dissidents, but also all would-be dissidents. 
The legitimately elected government of Russia, even though led by Alexander Kerensky, a fellow Freemason, didn't at all suit the Jew Rothschilds' criminal purposes. Those grown up German boy scouts jewdicially lynched at Nuremberg were about as innocent as God's own angels, when compared with the Jew Rothschilds, who, a century ago, set in motion a 'controlled chain reaction' of ongoing wars and heinous mass murders – with the count running into well over two hundred million – and yet to be stopped.  
Victor Rothschild, a widely suspected KGB spy, who was known to have been intimately involved with the Cambridge ring of queer Marxist double agents, was never investigated, let alone prosecuted.