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FULFORD: Bill Clinton is on his way to Japan to try to get money

Benjamin Fulford

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Former US president Bill Clinton is on his way to Japan on a supposedly “secret” mission to obtain funding, according to Black Dragon Society sources in Japan and China.

Clinton already tried his luck in Saudi Arabia and China but left empty handed. He will also fail in his mission in Japan unless he can convince the BDS.

Although Clinton is promising to use the money to develop forbidden technology, BDS sources say that is a smokescreen and that the real intention is to finance Martial Law in the US and an 8-year term for presidential actor Obama.

In a related development, the BDS has learned that former Prime Minister Koizumi was provided with a high-class prostitute in the US by the Bush gang. He was then drugged and the prostitute was murdered while he was asleep. When he woke up with a dead prostitute in his bed, he was blackmailed into signing two blank checks on behalf of the Japanese government. Koizumi was then also given a $1 billion bribe while his economy minister Takenaka got $500 million. The blackmail will not work this time.

Clinton will be meeting with former Prime Minister Nakasone and Bank of Japan governor Shirakawa. Nakasone and his group have threatened to kill Shirakawa’s daughter if he does not go along. I have personally met Shirakawa’s daughter and found her to be a very chaste and serious young woman. If any harm comes to her there will be extremely serious consequences.  


April 16, 2010