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FULFORD: US saber-rattling is just a negotiating tactic in wake of Fed bankruptcy

Benjamin Fulford

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Chinese following the bankruptcy of the Federal Reserve Board. By sending missile defenses and troop to the Persian gulf, the Americans are saying: we can cut off the supply of oil from the Middle East and create mass starvation. At the same time, by holding military exercises with in Thailand using troops from Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and South Korea, the United States is telling China that Asia is not China’s for the taking. The sale of state of the art weapons to Taiwan is yet another signal to the Chinese communists that the US still has influence in the region.

The Russians contacted the Black Dragon Society to figure out what side to take in this show-down. The BDS believes Russia should side with the US but only on the condition that they get rid of the criminal Bush/Clinton crime family. The US also needs to start issuing greenbacks and abolish the Federal Reserve Board.

Once that is done, a global alliance needs to be formed to negotiate with China over the creation of new global financial institutions. They also need to negotiate debt forgiveness for the US once it returns to constitutional rule. The Chinese, for their part know the US would never really choose to start WW3 unless it was given no choice. We really need to announce the new financial system as soon as possible.

Feb. 3, 2010