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Benjamin Fulford

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stem is announced.

The talk of an Obama citizenship trial on January 26th appears to have been either disinformation or else the trial was called off as part of some backroom deal. The new policy platform bears the hallmarks of the Rockefeller, Brzezinski, Soros clique as they desperately try to prevent the bankruptcy of the Federal Reserve Board. They are clearly trying to buy time until their planned mass murder campaign can start in 2011.

The other move the Feds have made is to threaten another major terrorist attack on US soil by long-dead CIA agent Osama Bin Laden. The implication is they will try to impose martial law rather than step aside gracefully.

The split between Britain and the US over a new financial system has now broken into the corporate media. The British have made sensible proposals to return the financial system to reality and sobriety but the Feds have been so addicted to their funny money they cannot accept reality.

It looks like the world will have to watch in horror as the criminal Federal Reserve Board regime collapses, possibly at the end of this month. Let us see what the second blue moon in a row has in store for us all. Whatever happens, or does not happen, the rest of the world should just go about their own business because time in not on the Feds side.

jAN. 29, 2010