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Christopher Story

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From: TS
Sent: Thursday, January 07, 2010 8:28 PM
Subject: Ref: Christopher Story's STILLPOINT article



"…5th January: It was pointed out to us that prominent Republicans have or had been standing in the way of the Settlements. We knew that this must have been the case because of the anti-Obama barrage orchestrated by parties connected with the GOP for the past 13 months, to the exclusion of all else. This has been a major ongoing agitprop operation – the underlying purpose being hidden from view. On the surface, the objective has been to paint Obama as a crypto-Communist with mafia associations and all sorts of other dark failings and skeletons in his cupboard – as though his mass-murderer Republican predecessor (who is reported by monitoring sources to have been reduced to walking his dog at Crawford, TX, with a pooper-scooper, his wife Laura now living apart from him and only appearing for public consumption when her presence is considered ‘essential’), had no blemishes and skeletons at all. But in reality, the underlying purpose of this ongoing orchestrated anti-Obama offensive has been to try to wrench the CIA’s destructive Fraudulent Finance paradigm from oblivion in general, and to rehabilitate OPERATION STILLPOINT in particular."




(Quote) "...the anti-Obama barrage orchestrated by parties connected with the GOP..."  


What a biased, narrow opinion of Americans in general!  Does Story really think Americans are such big suckers as that?  Just because England doesn't have the privilege of our First Amendment (the average British citizen has no real say in his beloved Blessed Majesty's governmental procedures), so Story is assuming that Americans are the same voiceless herd of sheep that he grew up with, back home.  Not so, however;  he's glossing over and ignoring the most important cornerstone of our beloved United States, which is the vast majority of citizens themselves (truly, We the People).  Not Democrat, not Republican, just hundreds of millions of PEOPLE as envisioned by our Founding Fathers, independent of any political party and capable of our own independent thoughts and actions.  It's the liberal's worst nightmare.


In its purity, WE THE PEOPLE OF AMERICA as a distinct group, have every right (it's actually our duty) to dislike, and strongly object to, a shady and crooked leader, no matter what that leader's position is.  Our first and only loyalty should be to the US Constitution and Bill of Rights and all that they represent, and not to a charismatic snake-oil salesman who is actively trying to destroy those founding documents.  That's Christopher Story's blind spot.


If Obama had been obviously open and honest with us from the start, then he'd deserve some leeway.  We'd certainly be on his side against the 'bad guys.'  But there are millions and millions of grassroots Americans who are really getting tired of President Obama's consistent series of lies -- at times when it was HIS choice, to lie or tell the truth -- plus numerous unconstitutional policies and procedures that he HIMSELF (and not some nebulous saboteurs who are holding him back from being an honest, upstanding, patriotic leader) promised during his campaign, and then happily implemented after his inauguration.  For example, after promising us transparency, one of the first Executive Orders that President Obama signed was to cover up the dirty skeletons in his past by sealing his personal background records.


After his first year in office, there is now no disputing Obama's actual intentions plus his track record.  If left to his own devices with no opposition, it's obvious that Barack Obama and his crypto-communist friends, associates and private army of thugs would destroy the United States of America as envisioned by Thomas Jefferson etc., and replace it with a socialist/slavery dictatorship envisioned by Karl Marx.  There would go our freedom as a nation, and therefore we rightfully and strenuously object.  (National freedom has a way of growing on you, Mr. Story.  You should try it sometime.)


Sorry, Mr. Story.  You make a lot of good points in your prolific writings, but the growing public anti-Obama attitude really has little to do with the GOP.  The bottom line is that your hero Barack Obama simply doesn't cut it because he's all show, and no go.  He's really not qualified for the job of President of the United States, and here in America when someone can't do a job, he's summarily replaced by someone who CAN.  He's not like your god-like Queen who gets the job for life.  This isn't some mean-spirited "GOP" talking, its Obama's REAL employer, which is WE THE PEOPLE (not 'we the sheeple') OF AMERICA.


Surely, there's no question of the existence of an 'agitprop' element to the current political shenanigans in DC, and the likes of Rahm Emanuel are undoubtedly pacing the floor wondering how to make hay out of their current crises, but that is also beside the point.




Obama has repeatedly proven that he's not qualified to lead us out of this bewildering wilderness of galloping socialism.  Suck it up and move on, Mr. Story.




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From: EW
Sent: Friday, January 08, 2010 2:52 PM


In response to TS's comment on the Story story.
What TS is really telling us is that he, like so many Americans, are totally oblivious to the fact that a Vatican installed corporation has usurped governing power over 
America since 1871, and because of the deceptive name, the UNITED STATES, people such as TS incorrectly believe that: "THE PRESIDENT'S REAL EMPLOYER IS 'WE THE PEOPLE' OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,"
The American people do NOT vote in the President. The totally corporate controlled 'Electoral College' elects and installs the President, the Chief Executive Officer of the corporation called the UNITED STATES. The American people' vote is only 'advisory'to the 'Electoral College'.
And, the CEO of a corporation is obligated ONLY to the 'shareholders' of the corporation, with that owner appearing to be the corporate Holy Roman Empire of which the Pontiff of Rome is CEO.
When are such as TS going to wake up to the fact that they are beating on a 'dead horse'?
People such as TS are just another ignorant gang that is 'crucifying their own savior'.
#3  (Reply from CASPER)
For Mr Bellringer @ Fourwinds
Mr Bellringer,,,,Please add these remarks to the comments of TS and EW on the recent STORY update.
Caspers Remarks: From the beginning WE have reported to you, sometimes several times a week, sometimes several times a day, OBAMA'S never ending SABOTAGE of our funding. STORY is very late to the truth, others such as EW have not yet arrived. But HE WILL, as will you.
His word and his signature were/are worthless as was BUSHES. He does exactly the opposite of what he agrees to.
The truth is even more ugly, much uglier, than WE reported although we never white washed anything. The man is GODLESS and mentally ill. I strongly encourage you to re-read previous reporting describing his activities in detail archived at Fourwinds. Those activities continue even at this late hour. He is a controlled puppet and a willing participant in pure unadulterated EVIL. Don't be to hard on yourself. He fooled MILLIONS.   casper 
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From: AM
Sent: Friday, January 08, 2010 1:48 AM
Dear EW,

Sorry buddy, but it appears from your writing(s) that you are the "dead

horse"!  You have completely missed the points TS made in this reply

and  you generally come across quite confused in your expressions as to"

what is the point"  in the first place when you do make comments.

Dear TS,

Thank you for your input and comments concerning Mr. Story's latest

report.   Mr. Story is indeed good at his word craft and has contributed

many positives to the movement of Truth. He  is human and prone to error

in attitude and altitude of his own self worth.  This can be observed in

the study of his world reports for public consumption, wherein he tends

to quickly denounce others who are critical of some of his judgments. 

This can also be observed in his world reports where he calls certain

people "cowards" for using anonymous ways to protect themselves and/or

their families from likely harmful situations.  There are times where he

almost says too much about the threats on his life, and seems to tout

the fact that  "he is in the open and brave",  and everyone else who is

not is basically a "covert coward". Rubbish.

I tend to call this aspect of his persona the "peacock on a platform"

approach to a situation.  Could it be that he truly is under the full

protection of the Queen's skirt, surviving so many death threats?

In Love and Light,

Anton Miller