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FULFORD: The Emperor Returns frmo the US Empty-Handed, the Chinese Demand an Explanation

Benjamin Fulford

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The emperor returns from the US empty-handed, the Chinese demand an explanation

The Japanese emperor returned empty-handed from his recent trip to Washington. The Chinese sent a Vice-Premier to Tokyo to demand an explanation. The answer is this: the world is facing a crisis with millions if not hundreds of millions of people starving even as we humans continue to devastate our natural environment. The people of the world are tired of paying for this and will not accept the fascist, fraudulent agenda being pushed at Coppenhagen. They demand that the world’s financial resources be spent on ending poverty, stopping environmental destruction and releasing the forbidden technology for the benefit of all. They want the deserts to be turned green, they want the oceans to be replenished with fish and they want every child on earth to have a full mind and a full stomach. No other solution is acceptable. If necessary, a hundred-million-man-army will be assembled to enforce the wishes of humanity