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FULFORD: The Federal Reserve Note Will Fall to 0.03 Cents by January

Benjamin Fulford

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The Federal Reserve note will fall to 0.03 cents by January

It can now be stated that all the US dollars connected to legitimate commerce are backed by gold at the rate of 1/28th of a gram per dollar. The remaining Federal Reserve Board debt notes will soon fall in value to 0.03 cents, according to extremely high level financial sources. This means all legitimate businessmen and workers paid in US dollars have nothing to worry about. However, high level con-artists selling financial “derivatives,” will be left with 0.03% of what they thought they owned.

It is amazing to see how many intelligent “well informed” people still do not have a clue about what is going on. If you connect the dots in the corporate propaganda media, you should be able to see for yourself without going to so-called “conspiracy” news sites. Among countries that have publicly said they will no longer use dollars for trade with each other can be found: China, Russia, Japan, South America, the Arab league, Turkey, Iran etc.

The final battle against the George Bush Senior Thule Society Nazis continues to rage and we must remain vigilant until the very end. In Japan Nazi stooges like former Prime Ministers Koizumi and Nakasone, along with their slave boy Heizo Takenaka, are trying to steal vast amounts of money from the Japanese people to hand over to Obama during his visit scheduled for next week. This will not happen. The Black Dragon Society is ready to go into full battle mode to prevent it.

If Obama is willing to go to Hiroshima and Nagasaki and apologize for US war crimes against Japan, then he will be given some money, but only enough to keep him going until January.