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Benjamin Fulford

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 The BOJ, the BOE, the Queen, Obama, the Feds in desperate final gambit

As the clock ticks towards the final deadline for the Federal Reserve Board Obama, Queen Elizabeth, her slave Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama, the Feds and a Chinese faction are all struggling to preserve their power at all costs. The Queen has offered to turn over Japanese sovereignty to the Chinese by 2011 in exchange for their cooperation, according to a senior Japanese secret government source. Hatoyama has thus revealed himself to be a traitor of the first order and his government has just signed its own death warrant.

The Japanese people would be happy to be friends and partners with the Chinese but they would never accept being their slaves.

The Federal Reserve Board is mathematically impossible to revive no matter what maneuvers these criminals come up with. Any fake announcement or gerrymandered “nationalization” of the Fed will fail. We will be watching Japanese Finance Minister Fuji’s October 27th press conference with great interest. If he does not announce Japan is going along with the new financial system and will no longer accept Federal Reseve Notes then he will be branded an enemy of humanity. The people of the planet are fully awake and are watching with extreme interest. No matter how much these snakes try to hide, they always reveal themselves in the end through their actions.

The Chinese are also smart enough to realize these scum are just trying to buy time until 2011 so they can start operation blue-beam. They have no intention of doing anything other than enslave the Chinese along with the rest of the planet and are not fit to be negotiated with.