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FULFORD: The Disintegration of the Federal Reserve Board and Its Satanic Control Grid Continues

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The disintegration of the Federal Reserve Board and its Satanic control grid continues

The 2 million person march on Washington and the corporate media attempts to ignore it are clear signs the Satanists in Washington D.C. and elsewhere are losing control. When formerly respected mouthpieces such as the New York Times or Wall St. Journal blatantly lie and say it was “thousand” or “tens of thousands,” they confirm even to the most skeptical that they are just propaganda mouthpieces. The corporate media control grid is falling apart big time. The people made it clear when they shouted down a CNN reporter, instead insisting that CNN report the truth.

Death threats by George Bush senior are apparently being sent in all directions but, you cannot kill the truth George. Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel lost face big time after flying uninvited into Russia, threatening to destroy the planet and getting into a shouting match with Russian President Medvedev.

 There are already signs, though that all the posturing and threats are just negotiating tactics. Israel has sent an Ambassador at large to negotiate with the Dragon family and is asking for technology to turn the deserts green. M&A negotiations can often get extremely intense and involve lots of shouting matches and bluffing, especially when the deal is just about to be closed. Hold on to your hats folk, there is more turmoil ahead. Expect the best but prepare for the worst.