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FULFORD: The Japanese Arrested in Italy with $134 Billion Were Part of a CIA Black-Ops

Benjamin Fulford

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The Japanese arrested in Italy with $134 billion were part of a CIA black-ops

The Japanese citizens arrested in Italy last week carrying bonds worth $134 billion were part of a CIA black-ops linked to the Nazi faction, according to high level intelligence sources. The CIA front behind this operation is known as Mayflower and is linked to a malevolent Chinese faction that wishes to restore dynastic rule in China. One of the Japanese arrested was probably a Mr. Fukushima, who works for the puppet emperor of Japan and the CIA and the Rothschilds. The operation is also linked to former Japanese Prime Minister and Bush slave Junichiro Koizumi as well as the current CIA-bribed traitor Prime Minister Taro Aso. They were hoping to use the money in part to operate a massive psy-ops in Japan designed to keep the current slave government in charge after elections that must be held by September 11th of this year. For the sake of humanity and the planet, they must not be allowed to redeem those bonds. We can also add that as a direct result of these arrests that faction has contacted us and proposed talks in Switzerland. We will accept.