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FULFORD: Obama's Begging Tour is Failing, Maybe That is Why a 33rd Degree Freemason is in Tokyo

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Obama’s begging tour is failing, maybe that is why a 33rd degree freemason is in Tokyo

Obama, the man hired to act as “President” by a cabal of gerontocrats, has had a very unsuccessful begging tour this week. First, he arrived in Saudi Arabia where he was told that from now on they will not accept dollars for oil, only gold. The reception in Egypt was equally poor. His trip to Germany will also be a humiliating one as the Germans will insist that he return the German gold he stole. Also, a e-mail was sent to me saying that both Papa Bush and Dick Cheney have “disappeared.” This would be good news if it can be confirmed but it may be disinfo sent to discredit me when they suddenly reappear. In any case, things are definitely coming to a head.

Perhaps that is why 33rd degree Freemason acting as a representative of the Knights of Malta and the Vatican is in Tokyo this week for talks with us. Obama is also going to be meeting our group and begging for gold soon (possibly Sunday). They know what our conditions are: world peace combined with an intensive campaign to end poverty and stop environmental destruction. The world has had enough of the Zionist nightmare.